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Half Past Two

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Half Past Two Half Past Two is a poem about a boy who is told off for something and made to sit in a room for what he feels is a long time. He starts to go into a dream world, a timeless world. The poem is told in a childlike way, with simple words used throughout the poem. The poet uses the childlike language to make the reader feel as if they are a child again. The poet has used a fairytale opening "Once upon a" which sets the scene and makes the reader feel relaxed and calm. The poet wanted to emphasis that the boy had done "Something Very Wrong" so she used to capital letters to show that. ...read more.


The poet says in stanza four and five all the times that the boy knows. They are all the times that children remember like "Gettinguptime, timeyouwereofftime, Timetogohomenowtime, TVtime, Timeformykisstime". These are times that he remembered as they happen at regularly so he has become accustomed to them. The poet describing the times that he knows in that way makes it sound extremely childish and makes you then feel as if maybe it's the child speaking to the reader. When the poet describes how the boy would describe the clock she uses personification "the little eyes And two long legs for walking." That way of seeing the clock gives you a child's view of the clock. The poet has uses enjambment to run one stanza on into the next to signify that the boy is going deeper and deeper in to a fantasy world. ...read more.


This stanza leaves the readers to think a lot about time and how they are trapped by time, and how they never really go without knowing what the time is. In conclusion I think that U.A fanthorpe has tried to convey a little boys idea of time and how he sees it. She has also shown that a child's image of time is different from that of adults. The poem kind of gives you the feeling that the grown-ups are always busy and never have time for anything whereas children don't know the time therefore they have time for everything and anything. U.A Fanthorpe takes you into the mind of a child with this poem by using the childish language and showing us how children think about things differently to adults. ...read more.

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