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Halloween - creative writing.

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Halloween It's six in the evening and I was much exited about the Halloween fancy dress ball in central hall. My mother made me the best and most realistic werewolf costume ever. "31st" I say to myself as I mark it off the calendar, "Mum, mum it's already six o'clock" I exclaimed to her. "Hold your horses there's enough time" She replied. "Phil come on Chris wants to get there early," shouted my mother Naura. "okay lets go." The minute we stepped out of the door "boom" roared the thunder .It was raining buckets of water and I got very upset , I quickly got into the car so I wouldn't ruin my costume. ...read more.


"Sorry for bursting out at you, do you need a lift any where." "Yes please can you take me to the RSPCA my pet goldfish is there" replied the man. "Yeah sure hop in." I was jumping up and down in excitement. When we curved down through brimton my dad started accelerating even more. When we reached shomberg we skidded on the curve. We finally reached central hall, it was 5 to 7 , and there wasn't enough time so I told my dad to drop of us of here. "Ok ill go look for a parking, while you go in and sign in to the competition" commented my dad. He dropped us off and then took Victor down to the RSPCA where he found a parking. ...read more.


When we reached Central Hall, he told Phil, my brother, to get out of the car and act naturally. Victor had a gun stuck to Phil's back. Phil had no idea what to do and was in a panic, he couldn't bear to see all the kids get frightened so at the main entrance, he quickly grabbed hold of Victor's wrist and twisted his arm round twice while kicking him in the groin making Victor drop his gun. The local youth police heard the racket and quickly went to Phil's assistance and grabbed hold of Victor. Victor was then sent to prison for being in possession with and illegal and dangerous weapon. We all had a very good talk and everyone started arguing and blaming dad for asking the man for a lift. We all ended up laughing and having fun. ...read more.

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