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Halloween - creative writing.

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Halloween Once there was a boy he was 6 years old, and his name was Michael Myers, his sister was only 15 when on one Halloween Michaels mum and dad went to a parents evening. So his sister was looking after him for the night his sister Samantha decided to invite her boyfriend round Michael had always thought that no one loved him. So he decided that tonight was the night to get revenge his sister was in her bedroom getting ready. So Michael went down stairs into the kitchen and got a very large bread knife he went upstairs his sister Samantha was brushing her long brown hair when suddenly she felt a sharp pain in the left hand side of her back. ...read more.


son, did someone come in and kill Sammy" he yelled, then suddenly Michael said "No dad it was me, I killed Samantha" His dad stood there in shock! "Jill" he shouted "Jill Michael killed Samantha" he muttered, "is this true Michael" she said softly "yes mom its true I killed Samantha" he yelled, just as he said it the police and ambulance arrived " A murder has been committed mam?" the police officer said, "erm yes my daughter she has been murdered" Jill said sadly "Im officer Brown could you tell me what exactly happened" Officer brown said "Well Samantha was babysitting Michael whilst me and Gavin where at Michaels parents evening, and when we came back Michael was outside covered in blood with a bread knife, and next ...read more.


going to happen now" Gavin asked "Well sir Michael is going to be Mental hospital , we have got to get at the bottom of this" officer brown said, "well when we he come out" Gavin said "Im just going to ring the mental hospital to get Dr Campbell here to discuss the matter further" he said! Officer brown dialled Dr Campbell, "Could you come to 7865 Tulip block" Officer brown put the phone down " He will be here in 5minuites" he said, Michael, Jill and Gavin sat on the kerb questioning Michael. Shortly after Dr Campbell arrived "ok who is the victim and who has the murderer" he softly said "Well sir Samantha Myers is dead, and this young man Michael Myers killed her" Officer brown said ...read more.

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