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Halloween is not just about ghost stories!!!

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Halloween is not just about ghost stories!!! The full moon was shining through the bare branches casting eerie shadows on our path as we walked along the hard, cold path. A cool breeze was blowing sending leaves dancing noisily across the forest floor. I remember thinking to myself that this night was truly the kind that you imagine when you listen to a terrifying tale. Holding tightly to the person next to you, just like I was holding Gillian, my best friend, as we walked that evening. The path we walked on would take us past the old church, which had the most frightening cemetery, where all the people from hundreds of years ago lay at rest, the graves were made from grey stone covered in dark, green, moss. We chose this path because of it being the night it was. We were feeling young at heart and out for an imaginary adventure. An adventure that led us into the heart of the towns legendary witches circle. We called it this because many years ago when many people were accused of witchcraft the church was where they were brought before trailed to rid them of their evil. ...read more.


When I finally settled down, she whispered for me to be quiet before she released her hold over my mouth. As she released her hold I was about to shout out at her but she placed her hand quickly over my mouth and told be to be silent and just watch. My eyes drifted down to the strange sight below. " Oh my God!" I whispered. I turned to question whether I was really seeing what was below me I kept blinking hoping it would be a joke and Gillian would laugh and say it was a hoax. But the look on her face gave me the answers to my unasked question. In the valley below, surrounding a large stone altar stood twelve figures. They were dressed in long, black gowns with hoods that hung over their faces nothing could be seen only the blackness of their gowns, giving them an eerie appearance like that of the picture of death. As they stood encircling the altar their soft chanting could be heard. Soon my body was covered with goose bumps, I found myself unable to move as their voices softly filled the night air and there chanting became louder and louder. ...read more.


My eyes locked with the leader of death as his staring eyes seemed to penetrate my soul. I began to run as fast as I could, Gillian was right behind me, the trees were like hands, as though they were going to grab for me. I kept screaming not looking back, faster and faster I ran until we came to a road. It was a road I often walked along, we smiled at each other knowing we were in a familiar place and began to jog along the side of the road, but I had not been drained from fear, did the child survive, I did not know, all I knew was to get to safety. In the distant was light, it was a car I waved my hands in the air to grab its attention. "Thank God!" I thought, "thank God we're safe" he offered us a lift to the police station we didn't tell him what we saw only that someone in trouble. In the car Gillian and I were quiet, we were shocked by what we had seen, the man kept looking behind through the mirror there was something strange about him, but I did not dare speak. I looked outside the window my eyes opened wide as I realised the police station was in the town in the opposite direction, we were being led back to the church!!! By Harriet Wilshaw ...read more.

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