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Hamlet - Key Themes

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Hamlet might well claim to be Shakespeare's most famous play because of its language and the charm of its central character. Shakespeare wrote some thirty-eight plays. Taken individually, several of them are among the world's finest written works, taken collectively, they establish Shakespeare as the foremost scholarly talent of his own Elizabethan Age. The play "Hamlet" is one of the most well-known revenge tragedies of the world. The play revolves around the themes of revenge. Shakespeare is one of the most respected and inspiring writers in the field of English Literature and several of his works have been widely adored. Even though the background of the play is Denmark, it's concepts and concerns are about Elizabethan England. Shakespeare through this play establishes into the reader, the essence of good and bad, right and wrong, and teaches us to distinguish between one's appearances and his true realism. ...read more.


Claudius is eventually the one who can translate Hamlet's strategies and therefore realizes that "madness in great ones must not unwatched go." Later Gertrude describes his madness as "mad as the sea and the wind when both contend." Hamlet's madness seems to be evolving with the progress of the story and the audience understands that this occurs due to his inability to act. Hamlet inspires in everyone a unique feeling so that in spite of his madness, he is adored and respected. Hamlet, as a reflective scholar and prince has an indecisive attitude to women in the play. Therefore his loathing for his mother, moves on to his loathing in womanhood. Gertrude describes Hamlet as her "too much changed son" however she doesn't realize the change caused in him is partly her own contribution. Hamlet cannot accept his mother's "o'er hasty marriage" and it is this marriage which causes bitterness in his heart and sarcasm in his words. ...read more.


Hamlet is also seen delaying the decision of revenge when he orders the play 'the murder of Gonzago' to be enacted. Hamlet is caught up in a tornado of conflicting emotions tends to lose the trail heading to his ultimate goal. As the story progresses, Hamlet is shown to become more and more reluctant to pursue his revenge. He is unable to translate his thoughts into actions. For the tragedy to be prevented, Hamlet should have had the impulse of Laertes and the ambition of Fortinbras Shakespeare raises the life in the play by the effective use of his language. The imagery of disease is present all through the play and describes the deterioration of human values. Denmark is described as an "unweeded garden."with an existence of "dangerous conjectures in ill-breeding minds." Shakespeare, through the sickness imagery describes Hamlet's central worries and despair. The play is packed with the imagery of disease, the most well-known being the phrase "there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. ...read more.

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