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Hamlet's Diary

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Original writing - Hamlet's Diary 18th December 1600 Dear Diary, Today was the worst day of my life. I feel truly sad from the bottom of my heart because my loving father King Hamlet has passed away. I couldn't believe it because when we lose someone really close then it feels like our heart is drowned. That's how I feel and the tears keep coming and I can't help to stop them. I feel that I could totally descend into madness from the grief of losing my own father. My father was a great King and good human being who served his country well. It has been one month since my father has passed away and I couldn't believe it when I heard that on the one hand I am crying and grieving for my father and on the other hand uncle Claudius is planning to marry my mother. What a shame! How is it possible that my mother is finished grieving? ...read more.


wanted to know if Horatio, like myself, thinks that having a funeral and a wedding so close together doesn't seem sense at all. As Horatio said "Indeed, my lord, it followed hard upon" I believe this means he agrees that the wedding certainly came very quickly after the funeral. While I was talking to Horatio I could feel there is something wrong with him, maybe he was trying to tell me something which he could not say. Then he said to me that he saw my father yesterday, I was amazed as anyone would be because whatever Horatio was saying did not made any sense. I asked him to tell me straightaway whatever he was trying to say because I was eager and keen to know that what is going on. Horatio then explained that yesterday night Marcellus and Barnardo were on the watch outside the castle and they called Horatio there because they believe that they saw an indistinct figure and think it's a ghost. ...read more.


The minute he told me that his death was not caused by a natural cause but his own brother Claudius murdered him, my mind stopped working I felt like killing that swine Claudius straight away then I thought about my mother who is now married to her own husband's murderer! Is my mother blind to these intentions? Is it true, that my mother and Claudius had relations before my father's death? I hate Claudius he has ruined my life. He has taken my mother away from me. I am now mad, for that will be the explanation which people will say in my defence. I will play insane, for people will expect such intentions of my revenge. My father's murder has now brought me to an unconscious state. I have only told Horatio that I am now going to act as mad because I completely trust him that he will not tell anybody. Revenge has to be wisely thought out. I will reveal Claudius, and kill him at the right time. I swear on my father's grave, I shall heed my father's commands. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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