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Hamlet's First Soliloquy

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Victor Morrow 1/15/03 Hamlet's First Soliloquy Hamlet's world is crashing rapidly down over his head as the era of Old King Hamlet comes to an end and the era of Claudius comes into being. The world has not allotted Hamlet a movement to grieve before his mother and the kingdom has moved on without him. His mother has remarried to what he believes is a villain. Without being able to return to Wittenberg, Hamlet no longer has an escape from his problems. ...read more.


His back is against the wall and life is becoming unbearable. Hamlet's soliloquy affects a tone of despair and woe. Hamlet contemplates his own death. Speaking metaphorically about his flesh melting, Hamlet wishes that suicide was not a sin. Hamlet has lost what he has to live for. The throne has been snatched from his grasp along with his mother in the same calculated swoop. He speaks metaphorically comparing about the Kingdom of Denmark being the Garden of Eden turn rank and decayed. ...read more.


He cannot at this point comprehend his mother's reasoning. He states that even an animal would have mourned longer. His view of their relationship is on the same level a incest. He is disgusted with her. Hamlet is internally conflicted, but chooses now to bite his tongue I think that if Hamlet would have had more time to adjust, he would not be acting so overdramatically. The soliloquy introduces the suicide motif that show the world is painful to live in, but, within the Christian belief that govern the play, if one commits suicide to end that pain, one damns oneself to eternal suffering in hell. ...read more.

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