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Hamlet soliloquy Act 1 Scene 2 The play opens with the two guards witnessing the ghost of the late king one night on the castle wall in Elsinore

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Hamlet soliloquy Act 1 Scene 2 The play opens with the two guards witnessing the ghost of the late king one night on the castle wall in Elsinore. The king at present is the brother of the late king, we find out that king Claudius has married his brother's wife and thus is having an incestuous relationship with her. We also learn that Claudius has plans to stop the Norwegian invasion from the north. Hamlet, the son of the late king is unhappy about his mother's marriage to his uncle and is still mourning the death of his father. Hamlet has become withdrawn and depressed and wants to return to his studies in Wittenberg (Germany), but stays because they are the wishes of his mother and Claudius. Despite his agreement with his mother and Claudius he makes it quite clear in his soliloquy that he has been feeling suicidal. "O, that this too too solid flesh would melt Thaw and resolve itself into a dew" Shakespeare is showing that Hamlet is feeling suicidal by saying that hamlet says that he wishes that his flesh would just melt away as he cannot kill himself because he is a Christian. ...read more.


"But two months dead: nay, not so much, not two: So excellent a king; that was, to this, Hyperion to a satyr; so loving to my mother" Hamlet really loves his father he is his idol and hero and Shakespeare shows this in this part of the soliloquy. He compares his father to Hyperion the Titan, the son of Gaea and Uranus and the father of Helios of Greek mythology. He also says that his father a hyperion compared to satyr so he is even better than a satyr. "That he might not beteem the winds of heaven Visit her face too roughly. Heaven and earth! Must I remember? why, she would hang on him," He says that his father would not hurt a fly and that he would not even let the winds of heaven pass her face to roughly. He also says why should he remember why his mother should hold on to his father like why should he remember his mother loveing his father. ...read more.


This could be another example of the Oedipus complex as Shakespeare is showing that hamlet is angry with his mother, maybe because his mother his uncle and did not take any notice at him. Another reason could be that he absolutely despises his uncle. "My father's brother, but no more like my father Than I to Hercules" Hamlet tells how his father and uncle were totally different and compares himself to Hercules; here again is another mention of Greek mythology by Shakespeare. "within a month: Ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears Had left the flushing in her galled eyes," Hamlet describes how within a month his mother was over the death of his father and the salt from her tears had left her tainted eyes, tainted as he thinks that she was crying fake tears and that if she really loved him she would still be mourning the death of Hamlets father. "She married. O, most wicked speed, to post With such dexterity to incestuous sheets!" Hamlet tells how his mother and his uncle married so quickly from the death of his father and moved with such speed and grace to the incestuous sheets that they sleep together in. ...read more.

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