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"Happiness in Marriage is entirely a matter of Chance" (Charlotte Lucas). What do you think the ingredient of a successful marriage is, according to Jane Austin?

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"Happiness in Marriage is entirely a matter of Chance" (Charlotte Lucas). What do you think the ingredient of a successful marriage is, according to Jane Austin? "Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance" (Charlotte Lucas) In this essay about pride and prejudice I am going to write about what I think are the three main relationships, and how they all got to the point of getting marriage, and what problems they had, and if happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance with these couples. The relationships are; Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett, Lydia Bennett and Mr Wickham and Mr Collins and Charlotte Lucas. Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are what I think are the main relationship though out the novel. The first time they met was at a ball. Mr Darcy was accompanying his friend Mr Bingley along with Bingleys sisters who had just bought a Netherfield house . When Mr Bingley inquired into why Mr Darcy wasn't dancing, and suggested he dance with Elizabeth, "She is tolerable: but not handsome enough to tempt me", Elizabeth heard there conversation and found that Mr Darcy had to much Pride. ...read more.


When Elizabeth got the letter, her opinions of Mr Darcy changed and she then disliked Mr Wickham. Elizabeth then left with Mr and Mrs Gardiner to Yorkshire??? They then saw Mr Darcy house and went and looked around. Mr Darcy arrived a day early, and so they met each other. While walking round there the grounds, Mr Darcy asked if she would like to come and met his sister and....?? they then got married. I believe that Mr Darcy and Elizabeth's married was successful and that she didn't marry him for his money, as she had turned him down before. Also they trust each other, and Mr Collins and Charlotte Lucas, is a very unsuccessful marriage as there is no love there just security. Mr Collins a simple person who liked to show off his job title, how he worked for lady Catherine. He had no attraction for Charlotte Lucas until after he purposed to Elizabeth and was turned down. Mr Collins arrived at Longbourn, he was looking at marrying one of Mr Bennett's daughters, and Mr Bennett didn't mind this as it would give his family security when he dies, as Mr Collins is going to inherit Mr Bennett's estate. ...read more.


A clergyman like you must marry. - Chuse properly, chuse a gentlewoman for my sake; and for your own, let her be an active, useful sort of person, not bought up high, but able to make a small income go a good way" This saying that he has bean told to get married, and that its not really for love but for the image. Elizabeth turns him down, as she doesn't want to live a life like that, and that she wants love in a marriage. Mr Collins then leaves and Charlotte Lucas invites him back to her house. He then ends up purposing to her, and she agrees. When Elizabeth visits them at there home, Charlotte tells her that they don't sleep in the same bed, she tries and gets him out the house as much as possible, and they barely speck, and normally when they are at home together they are not normally in the same room. But charlotte is happy because she has security and that's all she wants. I believe that this marriage is unsuccessful as they have not married for love, but for the image and security. They got what they wanted out of the marriage. Mr Wickham and Lydia, ...read more.

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