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Happy Valentines Day.

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9R Happy Valentines Day Karen sighed as she drove through the clean, sharp roads of Miami. She had just come back from a long drive through the countryside. The atmosphere was misty and the air was crisp. "Why can't they just get along?" Karen thought in exasperation. The voices of her two loved ones echoed her head. Earlier that day her mum and her boyfriend, Drake had gotten into a fight again. It was the 7th time they'd fought since she had brought Drake home. This time it was because he had gotten drunk at a bar and had gotten himself involved with the police. Karen was used to his wild side by now, but she wished he would quit it. 'But,' she thought, 'I can see why mum got a little ticked, however there's no need for her to get so angry'. Karen licked her dry lips and brushed the auburn hair out of her eyes. "Okay, sure, he has been to jail several times, and sure he used to do drugs, and well, yeah, he did used to be a bit of a criminal, "but," she found herself talking aloud, "He's changed..." Karen bit her lip in doubt, "Right?" Karen parked her black Lexus in the driveway beneath her two story house. She stepped in side the house. It was surprisingly dark inside and the air was unusually hot. ...read more.


"She's out" she replied moodily, "Argh, I swear Drake I can't take this anymore!" Drake listened with silence as Karen poured out the scene yesterday between her and her mum, and how she forbade Karen to see Drake. "She can't tell you that!" retorted Drake angrily. Karen nervously regretted telling Drake the Story. When he got mad it was quite hard to calm him down. However Karen was too angry to care. "I know, Drake I know, and I got so furious, she sent me into the room like a little kid," Karen continued heatedly, "I swear, Drake, I could kill her, I really could." There was silence on the other end. "Drake? Drake?" Karen called out over the phone. She could still hear him breathing, but why didn't he answer? Karen called out his name a couple of times more, irritably, until finally he showed some sign of presence. "Mmmm? Karen?" Drake mumbled absent-mindedly. "Where were you?" she snapped angrily. "Here," Drake replied, "Listen, babe, I gotta go. Work to do." Karen rolled her eyes and said goodbye to Drake. She then hung up. "Why is he acting so weird?" she thought, annoyed. Karen stormed out in anger and slammed the front door behind her. "Another fight with my so-called mother," she thought furiously. ...read more.


She yawned and blinked hard. 'I'd better get changed for bed,' Karen thought. There was a deadly silence as she paused on the bed motionless, and then got up and moved toward towards the closet. She flung open the doors. She staggered back in shock and after a second, covered her mouth as tears streamed down her face. Karen heaved and bent over as a rush of puke poured out of her mouth onto the Persian carpet floor. "No..." she whispered, gurgling through her bulging eyes and pale white face. She darted her eyes to the door, and then slowly gazed back to what was in the closet. It was the body of her mother, slashed at the throat, and hanging with red rope. The flesh hadn't started to rot yet and the blood, Karen could tell, was warm and fresh. She grabbed at her heart, as if trying to stop it from pounding so much. Karen noticed that her mother's body was covered in cuts shaped in a peculiar way, dripping with blood. The tears poured down faster and faster nonstop and she grasped her hair, in hysterics and confusion. Karen spotted a putrid yellow card stuffed in her mother's mouth. Shaking, she started to move toward the corpse. Her trembling hand reached out and tugged at the dry card. Whimpering unsteadily, she read it trying to focus on the scrawled handwriting. The card fell from her hands as Karen began to scream. Happy Valentines Day ...read more.

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