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Hard times Coursework

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English Coursework Hard Times Introduction The novel 'hard times' is a semi industrialist scenario set in a north English town in the fashion of Preston, its title of semi industrialist is well earned, as many machine descriptions and industry related material was erased from the original script due to its all too close resemblance to an industrialist novel. Nevertheless the story has a strong industrial feel to it, with the entire city depending on the machines for jobs, wage and food, with the mill owners having complete power over the workers and dominating almost every aspect possible of their lives, believing this to be the true way to the ideal, however in the opening chapters the methods of turning workers into a driving force do not set on the same principles as raising or teaching children, for the early years emotions are allowed to flourish and an understanding of a humane life of ideas and imagination can begin, this issue of utilitarianism was debated all across England, as well as worker rights and trade unions. This story follows the lives of different people whose lives are changed over the story's duration, the more detailed description and analysis can be found below Characters The character of Thomas Gradgrind the elder is complex and multi levelled, on one hand there is a father willing to do what's best for his children, however this may affect them, and sticks to his policies of a fact based society, however to achieve this ...read more.


get enough money to move, and certainly enough cannot receive the necessary funds to move up the social ladder, or significantly improve the living status, with them and they're families keep living there and serving their wealthy employers Themes Dickens views the class opening scene scenario, of students imagination being oppressed, forcing them to simply learn with only an understanding of the facts in life This rigorous system of Mr Gradgrind and Choakumchild put the children through will stay quiet and never discuss or read fiction, and be raised for the world their parents dreamed to be part of, but unable to progress without the life experience no amount of facts can give you, the education can in some ways be compared to a construction line, with the workers being slotted in and doing a repetitive task that will get them nowhere but produce someone willing to do that job Coketown has not been mentioned as a royal court, or a poor place, but the gap between the rich and the poor grows ever more, and Coketown has magnificent palaces and mansions in one section, and repetitive houses to stay in for the workers, with blackened chimneys, bricks windows walls, and countless others that get the smog around them, again creating the whole gothic image with a dull pointless ugliness of the barren image of the city The comparison between employer and employee is stressed every time Bounderby meets Stephen Blackpool and the comparison can be clearly seen, as ...read more.


a feeling of repressed anger inside her * Mrs Gradgrind is a poorly woman and her language reflects that, being incomplete, with words missing from sentences and grammatical errors if not for which she would sound like Mr Gradgrind, but throughout her brief appearances she keeps her grumbling simple and unimportant * The language used by Blitzer is the product of Mr's Gradgrind and Bounderby's teachings and shows the heartless product of their ideal. in the end they both regret their schooling of Blitzer and realise their wrong, but only too late for some * The other controversial language used is that of Mr Sleary the Circus leader, who uses a range of bizarre phrases in between his sentences and makes his appearance misunderstood and diverse compared to the other characters' Conclusion So in conclusion with my previous statements, as listed above, the novel Hard times has a monotone view of Victorian society, with all characters at a set point being either extremely good or eminently bad, in character and in appearance, much of which suggests that the focus of the story is based solemnly on interaction between characters, and no room for backdrops has been spared from steel bins burning in the winter cold, glum industrial streets and houses varying from basic to lavish all showing the contrast between the rich striving to change society the poor striving to stay out of trouble, and those who strive to be rich ?? ?? ?? ?? Hard Times coursework 1 ...read more.

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