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Hard times shows women as powerless and trapped with in a patriarchate society. How far do you agree with this statement? Discuss at least three female characters.

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Hard times shows women as powerless and trapped with in a patriarchate society. How far do you agree with this statement? Discuss at least three female characters. Dickens show women as repressed and powerless, especially through their dependence on men, we see this especially in the character Louisa. On the other hand, Dickens portrays women as havin power within their emotions, such as emphasis and perception, as we see in Sissy. Although women arnt shown to have power, and shown to have power, I The women in "Hard Times" are shown to have no power. Louisa is forced into marrying Mr Bounderby because he is rich and the main thing is POWER. Dickens shows her reaction: "She closed her hand as if upon a solid object and slowly opened it as if realising dust or ash". The use of "dust or ash" compares to her life as they are both seen as worthless. "Realising" compares her being released to Bounderby because she has no say in what she wants to do. To summarise this quote she is trying to stay away from Bounderby: "She closed her hand" this shows she's trying to be realised to him. ...read more.


In "Hard Times" women may have not a lot of power but they are shown to have power of emotion. In this book the character Mr Gradgrind is a mean and dull human being; he has no personality, he sees the girls as objects that he wants to put facts into and get them to learn facts, nothing else just facts. We know that women have the power of emotion because Louisa has an imagination and she can create something from as little as nothing: "There seems to be nothing there accept languid, monotonous and smoke, yet when the night comes, fire burst out father" this shows that Louisa is free from her fathers lessons and her imagination can run wild. "Nothing" shows that's she has no life and its dull and boring for her, furthermore it shows that she is drilled with facts and she's lost her soul as there is nothing there. "Fire bursts out" could mean that she is bubbling inside and she's so angry and bitter that her father doesn't let her have much as a childhood that's she just wants to burst out like a fire does. ...read more.


"Captive" could suggest that he wants Mrs Sparsit as a feature to make him look good as she is from a rich family. It is like having a "Rolex Watch" because it gives him status and makes him look good. This shows the power of attraction because Louisa has the power to attract James Harthouse and Mrs Sparsit has the power of attraction and the power of perception, we know this because she attracts Bounderby through her rich name and possibly her looks. She has the power of perception because she trying to perceive the dream to get Bounderby. Hard times shows women as powerless and trapped with in a patriarchate society. How far do you agree with this statement? I would agree with this statement a lot, because men do have mostly power. However women have power in a different way, they have the power of purity, the power of perception and the power of attraction. Although they both have power in both different ways, men are the most powerful because it is all about money, status and education and men have all of these, and they also aren't treated like objects as the women are. By Mitchell Peryer ...read more.

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