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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - review.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Book Review Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a really great book. This book is about Harry getting a lot of nightmares about Lord Voldemort. He sees all the thoughts of Voldemort, all the hideous stuff he does, and he feels Voldemort¡¯s expression like if he¡¯s happy or not. Harry sees and feels all that from the scar on his forehead. Like one time, Harry saw Ron¡¯s dad getting attacked by Lord Voldemort. Luckily Harry saw that vision because Ron¡¯s father was able to heal and live. Harry tells the head master of Hogwarts, Dumbledore about his vision so the head master tells Harry to take occlumency lessons from professor Snape. ...read more.


They get in a battle and they defeat the Death Eaters with the help of the Order of the Phoenix. Earlier in the book, Dumbledore had to run away from his school because he was going to get taken into Azkaban. Well, in the fight against the Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort comes to fight Harry. Then, Dumbledore came and defeated Voldemort, so Voldemort fled away with the remaining Death Eaters. During the battle, Sirius gets killed and Harry gets really angry. At the end, Dumbledore comes back to Hogwarts and Professor Umbridge runs away. Harry learns to deal with Sirius¡¯ death and Harry went back home to wait for his O.W.L results. I liked this book a lot because it had a lot of action in it as well as the other Harry Potter books. ...read more.


Harry, responded,¡± Can we talk about something else?¡± Cho, so badly hurt said, ¡°Fine, have a nice day!¡± Cho then ran outside weeping in the rain. My favorite part of the book is the fight. Harry, Neville, Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, and Luna go try to save Sirius. They go in this room in the Ministry of Mysteries and find the Death Eaters. They go and fight using stunning spells and protecting spells. At the end, Harry and Neville were the only ones left. It looked hopeless when The Order of the Phoenix came and defeated the rest of the Death Eaters. During the battle, Voldemort comes and tries to kill Harry. Then, Dumbledore came and defeated Voldemort. Voldemort fled with rest of the Death Eaters that could still move. Also during the battle, Sirius died against a Death Eater. Harry had a lot of rage at the end of the battle. ...read more.

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