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Harry's Story.

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Harry's Story As Harry fled the shop, in the dead of night, she could hear rats scuttling along the roof tops and people screaming in the distance. When she thought that she was far away from the shop she started to slow down and then she felt more relaxed but somewhere in the back of her head she couldn't help thinking that someone was watching her every move. This thought soon went out of her head when she began to hop on and off the pavement as she made up way down the road. All of a sudden there was a gust of wind and the heavens opened to let drop by drop of rain penetrate the earth's atmosphere. Harry then began to quicken her pace as she skipped and leaped, twirled and bounced towards an alley where she sought shelter from the icy cold wind and rain. While she sat half awake, as not to miss anyone passing, she thought about whether going to the party was worth losing her friends over, but as the grey rain clouds squeezed their last drop of water Harry came to her senses and shouted, "Of course I'm doing the right thing, I always am." ...read more.


"We'll if your going to be my friend you need a name," The little girl waited anxiously as to what horrifying name this stranger would give her. "I shall call you...," the little girl started to bit her nails as if the tension was too much for her, "....call you Fran. That's right I'll call you Fran." The Little girl showed glimpse of happiness and relief that Harry hadn't chosen a name that she detested. The pair sat in the darkness as if they were waiting for someone to arrive but, Harry being her stupid self asked, "So, where's your mummy." Fran bust out crying at the thought of her mum lying in a bed in a lonely house dying or already dead as the case may be. Harry hugged Fran and said, "It's okay my mums dead too but, we can stick together." Fran stood up and walked over the room to a black bag. She put her hand inside and pulled out two packets of crisps and a bottle of juice. Fran then walked back towards Harry, when she sat back down she seemed somewhat reluctant to hand the food over. ...read more.


She then leaped up and elbowed a few men, and then she grabbed Fran and the pair ran away. But the crowd didn't give up they followed them. They ran into a second hand shop around the corner from the alley. The group that were chasing them ran past the shop which the girls were hiding in. After a few minutes Harry and Fran rised from underneath a pile of mouldy clothes. Harry then tried to calm down Fran who was shaking from fear. "It's alright Fran we're safe now," Harry said in a comforting voice, "they're away now". Fran slowly calmed down but she was still afraid of the crowd coming back. "Look Fran would you wise up they've gone now," Harry said, and with that Fran give her last pitiful whimper and stood beside Harry. "We need to find something to eat or else we'll starve." Fran nodded her head in agreement. Suddenly they heard a noise from the back of the shop. They both turned around unwillingly. "Now how tough are you?" a big grubby male emplied. Harry and Fran turned towards the shops entrance as their only means of escape. "Think your going somewhere?" a large man said, who was standing in another small group by the door. The girls looked at each other with a tear trickling down their cheeks. ...read more.

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