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Has Scientific Technology and Developments Gone Too Far

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Has Scientific Technology and Developments Gone Too Far For a question like this, everyone would have a different opinion. Personally, I think that new scientific achievements have been a great step forward for man, however, even though now everyone is excited about things like cloning humans and being able to teleport, there would still be a risk that it may all go too far and turn from a good idea for helping people into something that could change the world into a bad place if the technology got into the wrong hands. One of the main scientific breakthroughs over the last few years has been the ability to clone animals. Only a short time ago, scientists were able to clone a rat that had been dead for thousands of years. This all sounds good and first expressions are that the world would be free of hunger and endangered species wouldn't have to die out. However, if scientists want to bring back animals that have already been extinct for a long time such as dinosaurs, we could be in danger. ...read more.


Even though I think that cloning an entire human body from scratch and artificially making new life is wrong, I don't think that cloning body parts and organs to help or save people's lives is such a bad idea. Unlike making new life, you are only trying to preserve the life that already exists or to make it easier for a person who doesn't have an arm or a leg to live their life. This sort of thing like helping and saving lives is what I think that science should be all about, and even though there are things that man's curiosity can't help but investigate, I think that more time and attention should be spent on trying to save people. One of the things that mans curiosity can't help but explore is space. We have found out all about the planets and how our solar system works, however space scientists are always looking for new things to explore and new ways of wasting the governments money. ...read more.


I do thing that these new ways of learning and communicating are a good idea and could be useful, however, nowadays, people rely on these resources too much and places such as libraries are visited less often and the people that do use the libraries, often go there because they need to us the internet on a computer. Another example is office workers sending emails to each other because they can't be bothered to get up and tell them the news. All this has not only made people lazy and unfit, but has caused people that spend too much time with these devices to get dumber as they lose valuable brain cells looking at the screen all the time To conclude my essay, I would like to say that scientific technology and developments haven't gone too far yet, however I think that there will be a day in the future where mans creation becomes smarter than man and could even take over the world. I know that in the present day, such a concept would sound silly, but at the rate that we are advancing, it wouldn't be long before we humans start interfering with the laws of nature and taking control of it. ...read more.

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