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Haunted by the past!

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Haunted by the past! I awoke that morning just like a normal day. It was not just another day. That was the start of a change, strangeness and sadness in my family. I did not really understand everyone's grief and shock. I was only 11 years old. Everybody seemed to be keeping me in the dark, they always did, but this was something I needed to know. Matthew was my cousin. One Friday night he was going into town with his mates. No change there, he always liked to have a good time. He liked to be centre of attention, perhaps a bit of a show off, but with a heart of gold. As usual he and his mates were probably drinking earlier in the day to prepare for a night on the town. So they were all on Friday night party mode and off they went. ...read more.


My sister seemed to go into shell, but Mum said that is what teenagers do. For a while I believed her, but was not convinced. She'd always been a bit moody but big sisters always are. She was getting worse and worse. She argued with my mum and brother a lot and I didn't understand why until I went into her bedroom and it was strange she had turned her room in what you could call a shrine to Matthew. There were pictures of him everywhere and poems. She cried a lot then. She moved in with my dad not too long after. I didn't realize back then but it was the best thing for all of us. Shortly after strange things were happening in the house, it seemed like my sister had left and someone else had moved in. We were all a bit scared at first, it started with hearing noises then my mum thought she was going mad. ...read more.


When she was half way around the garden she heard her music but it was incredibly louder. She walked back to the house and the music was not coming from the kitchen but from the lounge. So she went to open the door and it was locked. After that we really did want to move house and we even looked at some houses but we just didn't want to leave our home We didn't believe things like that until it started happening to us. Lights turning off noises in night doors slamming, as strange as it sounds it just became apart of everyday life. My mum then spoke to a median and he suggested it was Mathew, we were all relieved and for some reason it made me feel safe. Not much happens now it becomes rarer and rarer. Around the anniversary of his death and his birthday little things happen but we believe that he is just letting us know that he is here and not to be afraid. ...read more.

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