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Haunted House. The 3 friends sat in the car laughing about what had happened on the beach

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´╗┐The car was filled with laughter. The 3 friends sat in the car laughing about what had happened on the beach. It was just past midnight on a Saturday and the friends had just come out of a beach party. The weather had been lovely in the day but now the weather had turned drastically for the worst. It was raining and thunder struck in the air. The rumbling sounded like it was bearing up on them, lightening struck and lit the dark road ahead of them. No one seemed to be around and the road was completely deserted. It looked like all the party people had suddenly disappeared into thin air. The sound of waves hitting the Cliffside could be heard loud and clear?. Linda looked like she was about to cry. ?C?mon Linda, stop it man, its jus thunder, it won?t do no harm? said Joan. Linda was beginning to annoy her, the way she was getting scared. ?Sorry but I?m scared of thunder!!? The car went absolutely quiet after that. In the silence of the car, the wind could be heard outside and the howling of the wind, and the street lamp flickering outside. ...read more.


As they walked inside they could smell rot and something burning. Lindy opened her eyes and all she could see was dust, broken things and lots of paintings. Every wall shed looked at, there was a painting of some old people. She knew none of them and was kind of scared at how all the eyes seemed to be watching her!! ?You guys please stay together. I don?t want us to get lost?. As she turned around they were gone. She looked around the mouldy room and started shouting. ?JJOOOOAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN, TOOOOONNNNYYYYYYYYY?WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!? all she could hear was her own echo in the whole empty house... but she knew that they were not alone in this house. Her 6th sense told her that other then the there of them; there was someone else in the house with them. She went towards the stairs and out of the corner if her eye, she saw a shadow. She quickly looked but there was no one there. She had to find out what that was. She ran up the stairs and with every step she could hear the creek of the stairs. She went into a room filled with mirrors but she could not see her own reflection in any of them. ...read more.


She looked around the room and soon realised that all these people have been sucked in. they all needed to be freed! She touched her neck and looked for the necklace. She found it and took it off her neck. She tried opening it butt it was stuck. She looked around the room for a rock to break it with but instead found a key. She picked it up and tried opening the locket. It was a perfect fit and it opened the locket. She took out the paper that was inside it and began reading it out loud in every direction like she was told to. Then a hole in the wall opened up and it was the size of the locket. She used her common sense and put the locket inside the wall. The whole house shook and the people came out if the frames. Her friends were back. ?Joan, tony, you guys scared me like anything. Please lets get out of here and never come back!!!!? So they walked out of the house and while walking out she saw-from the corner of her eye- the man again. She then realised that she wasn?t wearing her locket and now he could get her...... ...read more.

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