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Have you ever felt that someone or something is watching you?

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´╗┐AFRAZ HUSSAIN J4 Narrative story Have you ever felt that someone or something is watching you? It?s intimidating. There?s no other word for it. Ever since the same black jeep parked up on my street two weeks ago, I have had the overwhelming feeling that I am being watched. The first time I noticed the jeep, there was nothing unusual about it, but as the days went on, the situation became worse. It would park on the same spot, at the same time, every day, as if it was a reserved space. It became a permanent fixture. Sometimes I tried to creep past to have a quick glimpse behind the wheel, but the black tinted windows simply reflected my own scared face. I began to keep a log, watching them as much as they watched me. ...read more.


My pulse quickened and I felt a jolt of panic. All I could hear was my heart beating like a drum; feeling like it was going to explode through my chest. Running to the front door, the fear that I was going to be annihilated consumed me. Grabbing the key, I fumbled to find the key hole. The door swung open. I slammed it behind me. Sighing with relief, I rested my head against the door comforted by the familiar smell of home. ?Ding dong? the door bell bellowed. I could hardly stand to breathe from the feeling of helpless fear. My body struggled to stand itself up to have a glance through the peep hole. I was edging closer and closer, daring myself to look. ?Who could it be? Is it???no it can?t be.? I waited silently, thinking the person on the other side of the door would go away. ...read more.


I was safe. Safe now I was with someone. Slowly but surely, I stepped outside to observe if the coast was clear. We both marched on the side path, being aware of our surroundings. Unexpectedly, a big broad man started advancing towards us. My legs automatically stopped working and wanted me to go in the opposite direction. I had to face my fears and find out why me? The same dark beady eye glared at us but there was something too formal, too smart, and too strange to be a stalker. ?Paul Bradley, I am arresting you on suspicious of fraud, you do not have to say anything, and what ever you do say may harm your defence in court.? It turned out my neighbour was one of the biggest frauds in the city and was on the top ten wanted list. It Turns out I was the true survivor. ...read more.

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