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Have you ever had that place you always enjoy going to? Well I used to have one until one very disappointing day.

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A Disappointing Day Have you ever had that place you always enjoy going to? Well I used to have one until one very disappointing day. My name is Darren, I'm fifteen years old and I come from Coupar Angus. I attend Blairgowrie High School. I enjoy doing plenty of things such as going on bike runs or just hanging out with my friends. When I was little I also enjoyed many things but nothing made me happier than when i went to visit the beautiful seaside town of Arbroath. Arbroath is a town just up from Dundee (so a good palce to go if you love the seaside but don't want a long drive.) I don't exactly recall the very first time I was there as I must have been very young but something you never forget is when you step out of the car for the first time and the smell of the Arbroath seaside fills your lungs. For me I can only comepare this smell to some sort of drug (one that I most definatly have an addiction to.) ...read more.


One memory I have of the bandit room is hitting one of the slot machines to try and get money to come out of it and the alarms going off and the rush of panic that started surging through my body but to my great relief I wasn't caught. The back room of Pleasureland was always one of my favourites, it is a room that is filled with mostly childlike rides which i absoloutly loved when I was younger. The only thing there now that I would probably enjoy is the Waltzers. This ride is a favourite not only of mine but of my grandads aswell, who, even at his age, still loves to reminisce about his childhood by going on them. The ride always gives him the biggest smile on his face and you can see the glimmer of youth in his eyes for a split second it's like he is fifteen years old again. To see my grandad so elated inspires me because it tells me that you are never to old to have fun and I hope that when the time comes and I ...read more.


This was a rather glum ride home for me. If I went back to Arbroath I don't think I would waste my time going to Pleasureland as I just could not bear to repeat the dreadful disappointment that it had bestowed on me last time. What I would probably do instead is spend more time looking at the stalls in town or chill out on the beach with a couple of friends. Arbroath is a place I would like to take my own children and grandchildren to one day. It was always a place of happiness during my childhood and I would love nothing more than to let my own children enjoy the wonderful feelings of joy that it brings. You never know it might even do what it does to my grandad and take me back to my joyful youth. In conclusion I think alot can be learned from my previous visit to Arbroath. Even though something is fun when you are little, when you get older there is always the possibility that it can disappoint you. You shouldn't always have your expectations so high or they might just come crashing down exactly like mine did. ...read more.

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