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He had dark haired, with brown eyes that stood out, he isn't very tall but can still stand his ground.

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The Sandersville Mansion "Hurry up, were going to be late" screamed my older brother. He has always been the bossy one since dad passed away. He was very much like my father, same sturdy shoulders and a glare that would send a shiver down your spine. He had dark haired, with brown eyes that stood out, he isn't very tall but can still stand his ground. He is not the kind of person you want to vex. "Okay Moe, I'm almost done" I retaliated. We were going to visit our grandparents in Sandersville, we go there every winter. Even though my brother and I aren't very close to them, our father would have wanted us to visit them and make sure they are well. My brother was only 22 but has a mental age of 44. I and he have gone through many problems in our life, and now all left in our lives are each other. Our parents died in a car accident, they were on their way to Sandersville to pick us up, and I still remember that day. My grandmother went to pick up the phone and out of the blue dropped the phone receiver and broke down crying, and told us our parents had passed away, that moment lasted a life time, questions running through my mind. My brother was 19 at the time, he reacted very differently from me, he knew he had to be the strong one now and not show his weakness in front of me, and so far he has succeeded in his mission. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to me if he wasn't here. ...read more.


The room had a very different feel to it, it wasn't chilling as all the other rooms, if anything it looked a little bit like my parents room back at our house, and instead of that blood red colour on the walls in its place lay a olive green colour, my mothers favourite. I looked around stunned at what I saw. I heard my fathers voice once more "John, you must open the closet door" he ordered. I obeyed him and slowly tip toed towards the closet not knowing what to expect I slowly opened the closet to find a mirror, and what I saw in the mirror astonished me, I stood there motionless with my mouth so wide open I can feel the cool of the floor under me, in front of me were my loving parents smiling at me just like old times. Minutes passed without me or them saying anything, the looked so real as if they were really there, first I thought it was some sort of mirage, a trick of the mind, but this was ruled out when my dad began to speak to me "Son I know you are frightened of this but u mustn't be, we are really here and we're not leaving till you feel you don't need us anymore". "But it cant be how can you guys be here? You died 3 years ago in a car accident" I stuttered. I didn't know what to think. "I know, I shall explain to you if you give me the chance to!" my mother protested, she always thought I was too talkative and wouldn't give people a chance to speak. ...read more.


I began to drag them back to the mansion, and after a long 3 hours of dragging, I reached the mansion. I ran upstairs to the master bedroom to inform my parents that I had succeeded in my mission, only to find that they were gone. That's when I realised, when I saw the treasure I didn't day dream about them but about how happy I'm going to be, and I could remember my parents saying there going to be here until I need them, and I don't need them anymore. I started to make my way back to my grandparents house when I realised that I didn't know my way back. I began to panic and fright. That's when I heard the familiar voice of Moe screaming for me. I ran towards the voice, and saw Moe looking very relieved and had a hint of anger I his eyes, it didn't bother me much I had to show him the treasure. I dragged him back to the mansion and showed him the sacs of gold. For once, my brothers face actually looked cheery and he smiled and hugged me. I wanted to tell him that I saw our parents but something inside of me told me that he wouldn't believe me. So instead I requested that we sell our old apartment and use the gold for his education and to refurnish this mansion as our new house. From that day on, I didn't day dream. And my brother went on to be come a doctor and the mansion was no longer a scary dirty place but the same place it was 40 years ago when my parents lived here. And I still go into the master bedroom and stare into that mirror in hope of seeing my parents again. ...read more.

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