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he introduction of Lord of The Flies clearly demonstrates the personality change of the boys upon first landing in a remote island. The boys initially maintain civilization and have a sense of order, therefore mimicking the leadership of adults. However,

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ENG 2D1 December 13, 2010 Defects in Society Rooted by Humanity's Evil Nature William Golding (Cornwall, England in 1911), majored in literature at Brasenose College in Oxford, joined the British Navy two years after school. Upon witnessing multiple heartbreaking murders, his service during the World War II has greatly influenced his view on human nature. In account of being enlisted for nine years, he wrote his first novel, Lord of The Flies, which was published on 1954. He says that its theme is to identify the problems in society while considering the sinful nature of humans. Golding proves that even the thought of constructing a government will not help administer an uncivilized society. This is to acknowledge the fact that humans are born corrupt. It is amazing how Golding is able to portray perfectly his belief of human evil by highlighting the idea through the changes the characters undergo, whether it would be physically or emotionally, and significant events. One of the most important occurrences in the novel was the confrontation of Simon and the Lord of The Flies. ...read more.


Thereafter, order and goodness disappears. Even the boys who are known to represent goodness and held by social order, begins to reveal the evil that they have been born with. Ralph, the representation of democratic leadership and one of the most civilized boys also has that unavoidable evil within him. It is seen in "Ralph too was fighting to get near, to get a handful of that brown, vulnerable flesh" that his "desire to squeeze and hurt was over-mastering" (Golding 114-115). In brief, no matter how much one appears to be naturally good, there is still a huge possibility that an individual can be dominated by evil. Exposed to savagery, the boys' addiction to hunting changes them as they face their adventures of survival in the island. Aside from the need to overcome their daily obstacles, their goal is to be rescued. Thus, they consider the formation of a group of hunters, consisting of the choirboys, upon waiting for help to arrive. ...read more.


Roger, a hunter, is also an image of pure evil in man. He is introduced as one of the choirboys, but is held responsible for Piggy's death in the end. We notice that his evil is in the destructive side as it is shown in "Roger stopped, picked up a stone, aimed, and threw it as Henry." (Golding 62). He is accustomed of hurting others without getting into trouble. Golding chose children to portray these dilemmas in humanity to prove his position that evil does not nurture as one ages, but is already present as birth. This emphasizes that we, humans, are corrupt beings. Golding's Lord of The Flies is an example of a hunting tale that changes character's personality, their approach to murder, and their methods of leadership. Through children's story plot, it is able to shed light on the profound truths of humankind. Not only does it teaches us about our society, but also relates to Christianity - the defect of humanity. In conclusion, the main lesson one could meditate from reading this novel is that we learn best from the places we least expect. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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