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He looked down himself and saw his suit was covered in vomit. He had no idea how he had got there but he knew he should get home.

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Original Writing It had been an unimaginable day; every inch of his body had been screaming out, in pain and yet, something in the blinding white pain had relieved him. Even now as his very own body was about to break, he suddenly realised, and he understood why they had done what they did. Nothing had made any sense as he got up that morning lying face down in a pool of his own vomit. Even as he stood up a dull wave of nausea passed through him, followed by a shudder against the cold heavy rain, as he supported his head in his hands he took in his surroundings an unknown backstreet with graffiti on the walls and a burnt-out car. He looked down himself and saw his suit was covered in vomit. He had no idea how he had got there but he knew he should get home. Heading to the end of the street he looked out and saw it was still dark in the sky. ...read more.


ship pierced the gate like a knife through butter, then over by the control room on the barrier shone red through the rain and chaos. A torrent of water dislodged its self through the barrier taking the freighter too and it listed and capsized like a canoe in rapids. The torrent soon reached his boat sweeping it down as if he were a fly in a hurricane. He flew down the river and the embankment disappeared under a dirty torrent of water, still flying down the river the London Eye's bright lights were extinguished and those faces inside were clad in a mask of pure horror searching for a way out, the lowest pod was covered in water and a fountain of sparks flew out of the control box. A couple flew out of the top pod and hit the water with a huge splash, but when they resurfaced they were fifty meters from the pod and still being swept away. ...read more.


He woke up in a dark room illuminated by a single white light a silhouette in the lights way as he looked around he caught the glisten of light on water, then light seemed to shimmer in through portholes and he realised he was onboard his own ship. As the figure emerged he reminded him of football hooligans he had seem in the 80's. Seeing a glisten in the hooligans hand he assumed it was a knife and lunged at him hitting him square in the face, then a foot in the back spine made him lean backwards he felt a punch in the stomach and fell against the wall. When he looked down he saw the hilt of a knife protruding from his stomach and saw his blood staining his already wet shirt and only then did the feeling of immense pain seep out and he sank to the floor. He looked around at these shadowy figures and he realised that they were doing this to get out of London, out of the rain, out of the water; they were doing this to survive. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jason Pennell 10o ...read more.

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