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"He's not actually a vampire. Do you honestly believe the rumors? "Of course I do! Everyone else does

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´╗┐Chapter 1 Katherine "Run! It?s the vampire!" "He's not actually a vampire. Do you honestly believe the rumors?? "Of course I do! Everyone else does. Just look at him; he always wears sunglasses, even when it?s not sunny. On top of that, look how pale he is!" We were on our way to school, just entering the front gates. "Our teacher said that he has sensitive eyes." "See? That proves it!? ?How does that prove anything?? ?The teacher's in on it too!" "You're crazy." "Oh yeah? I'll prove it!" He looked in my direction, "Hey Jack! Aren't you a vampire?" "Of course I am,? I said sarcastically. "Told you so," he said back to Katherine who had been arguing with him. "Shut up Michael!? she demanded, ?There's no such thing as vampires! Quit it already!" Katherine Tyndall was fifteen years old. She was in grade ten, as well as Michael and I. She had lime-green eyes, long silver hair that reached down to her knees, and two French braids. They started from her forehead, curled around both sides of her head, covered the back of her neck, and stretched down her back. She was very beautiful, very smart. She was almost always cheerful and she was the only one who didn't call me a vampire. She was very kind and very popular. Her personality was very lady-like. You could tell that she came from a wealthy family just by the way she walked. She seemed perfect. I always thought she was a bit of a crybaby though. She would sometimes start sobbing after a pat on the back. I thought perhaps she was simply spoiled. Our teacher said that she was just sensitive, but I didn't buy it. There was something off about. About ?.? Michael Shaw was sixteen years old. He was in grade nine though. He was held back since he stopped going to school for a while. It was after his family died and was taken in by foster parents. ...read more.


"It?s about the prophecy of the five senses as well.? I didn't say a word but kept showing my interest. "You, my boy, are attracting the five senses because you are the sixth. They are attracted to you by fate." I gave a curious and puzzled face to show that I didn't quite understand but I still said nothing. He continued, "The five senses that I speak of are five people that have been granted one abnormally powerful sense of the five senses each. One has such a sensitive nose that they can smell anything from roses to water. One has powerful nerve impulses that can pick up on the slightest change in wind direction in the calmest winds possible. One can see clearly for miles past the distance the eye can see. One can hear a ninjas footsteps as if he were stomping his feet. The last can taste each individual particle of the most complicated recipe. These are five people that were born around the same time as you. They share your destiny! At least, that?s what the prophecy says..." "So these people are attracted to me? Does that mean they're all females, or homosexual?" I reasoned. Harharr "You idiot!" he screamed. "Not that kind of attraction!" "Sorry, sorry." My mother giggled. "They are attracted to you by fate!? he repeated, loudly. ?In other words, they will meet you because destiny will send them, because you?re alive!" I thought about it and then nodded to show that I understood. "These two prophecies, the five senses and the sixth sense, intertwine!" he barked. ?You must find these five senses and become allies! It is your destiny and your reason of existence!" "So what do I do once I've found these so-called ?senses,? I questioned. ?What am I suppose to tell them?" "Just tell them that it is their destiny to follow you," he replied, ?or something like that, anything will do!? "How is that going to work? ...read more.


I just needed to find four more of the senses before I could learn more about the prophecy. I was walking home with Katherine, talking about this and that. It just so happened that she had to walk the same way to get home as I. Eventually, there was a fork in the road and we had to part ways. When I turned the corner while waving good bye, I saw a group of juvenile delinquents from my school. They were hanging out by the run-down comic book store. It seemed that they were waiting for someone, or something. I didn't want to get in their way so I just kept walking. To my surprise, one of them grabbed me by my chest! "Where do you think you're going, kid?" I shuddered. He threw me on the ground! My sunglasses fell off. I closed my eyes quickly and started to use my sixth sense to see. One of them kicked me in the rib! I groaned in pain. "This is what you get for messing with Katherine!" another cried as he kicked me in the head! "Let?s see how you like it! We'll make you cry louder than you made Katherine cry!" the last one exclaimed as he kicked me in my stomach! I tried to get away but they grabbed me and threw me back down! At that rate, I thought they?d kill me! There was no escape! There was only one option left. I had to fight! It was a long shot but if I could clear a path for myself, than just maybe, I?d be able to get through. I swung a punch at one of the guys with all my strength but he caught it one-handed! Then it was his turn. He grinned as he swung a punch strait at my face. My nose exploded on impact and I couldn't help but scream out in pain! Gushing out blood, I crouch on the ground holding my nose. I thought to myself, I?m going to be late for dinner. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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