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Heart attack

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Heart Attack Elizabeth is seated, staring at a photograph The doctors surrounded him, my head was spinning. One of them shouted "Give him twenty five milligrams of morphine and five milligrams adrenaline." The other one injected the drugs into his arm. I said "why are you injecting morphine into him?" He replied with "It will relieve the pain." The doctors were bellowing instructions across the room and darting to and fro. There was a tremendous pressure on my head, I was in immense pain. I couldn't cope with the noise and congestion surrounding me. My eyes froze as they gazed upon my husband's half-naked body. I felt pressure on my left arm, a nurse had a firm grip of my pale white flesh, dragging me ever closer towards her. She said "I think it would be best if you followed me and waited in the relative's room." I acknowledged and let her pull me away from the horrific and traumatising scene. I was shown to a room in the front of the building, a small unoccupied dwelling. I positioned myself in one of the chairs, many people before me had rested in. The nurse closed the door behind her and wandered off to bring me a steaming cup of aromatic coffee. Flashing images were speeding through my mind, I could barely make out the specific details as I only achieved a glimpse of these flashbacks. ...read more.


The vibrations got louder, the pounding got harder and faster. Then I heard a bell go off and realised that these intolerable noises had been a man knocking upon my front door. I wasn't surprised it hadn't been knocked down the way he was hitting it. He said "May I come in?" I said "Yes of course you may". We took to the lounge and seated our selves in my recliners. I asked him the nature of his business and he said "I was a colleague of your late husband's I'm very sorry to hear of your loss, it deeply upsets me and I will miss him very much. I'm investigating why your husband suffered such a severe heart attack, when he had no previous heart problems. He said "You don't mind me asking you a few questions do you?" I said "No." He asked if my husband received large quantities of work, I said "Yes he did and he was very much pressurised in his job, I wondered why he got so much work though and wasn't satisfied with what he told me. The man asked me what my husband had told me. I said "My husband said that they were understaffed because of people on leave and they asked him to take on more work." The man said "Thank you for your time and I appreciate your cooperation." ...read more.


I said "Thank you for telling me your side of the story but now I must go". Focus on Elizabeth sitting in a chair. The man who had previously visited appeared at my front door once again. He was turning out to be a regular visitor. He said he had solved the case and the proper procedure would now be followed. He said "I have discovered that your husband has suffered a heart attack from immense pressure and prejudices. I realise that his boss is to blame because he was the one enforcing these ghastly deeds." The man left in a hurry as he received a call on his mobile phone. Light fades and goes black Elizabeth is reading a newspaper article. I was reading The Times last week and I noticed an article about my husband, it read "Policeman dies as a result of pressure from abusive boss". The article described how Superintendent Jenkins was arrested on suspicion of extreme racial abuse. His statement in the news article was absolutely disgusting, it was a horrific and extremely prejudiced; I was appalled when I read this as many people loved my husband no matter what colour his skin was. I now know the real story not the imaginary one that I had conjured up in my head. I'm glad that the case has been solved and I know the truth about what really happened to my husband. Light fades, slowly getting darker. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 English Coursework James Wright 4JRP ...read more.

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