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Hearts of Stone.

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Hearts of Stone Fleet feet made their way up the mountainside. The soles of boots just skimming across the dirt cut path. Fog, a dense blanket that hung about like the dreary dusk enveloped the world, everything becoming stained a murky grey in its wake. The cold nipped as the two figures slipped past both rock and tree with inaudible movements, as smooth as the finest silk. Light was quickly lacking and the pair, decided with an unspoken agreement, that camp should be made. Veering off the pathway, and into the dense forest heart where prying eyes could not follow they strode, no words being past between them. The fog seemed to lessen here, the blurred objects becoming sharper but the dense canopy above them shielded all the soothing blue aura of the moon from them. Then, their eyes did not need the aid of light. One maid and one man, each with hair as silvery as the flowing gowns of the stars, and eyes of crystalline blue, each set with obsidian orbs. Their figures where slender, tall and swift; that of the elves of the Far North. Firewood was gathered and time ebbed away before the woman found her voice, as velvety as the skies of the night. "Amelin, what of the paths. Shall we make our way to the Old Kingdom at first light?" Curious eyes rose to meet the woman's, stained the red-orange of blood in the fire's radiance, "That we shall. ...read more.


He grunted, not in the mood to retaliate to her icy attacks. Letting his hands slip under the tiny being he picked it up and carried to the fireside. Lania was already retrieving her hip flask, offering the small being a few sips of water in hopes of rousing it. It's eyelids fluttered as it drooped into consciousness, groggy and disorientated. It shuffled to sit up, wobbling constantly and looked between the two. Sparkling sapphire eyes shimmered in its fear as it watched Amelin and Lania, it's club disregarded a few feet away. "Hello little one," Lania smiled, her inner warmth blossoming past her hard outer exterior, "tell me, who are you?" There was a flutter of wings then the creature answered, "Astra.. the Lady Astra." Amelin's eyes widened as he looked to her, "You are the Lady Astra of the Ebony Realm. High Priestess of the Air Elementals?" She nodded and wrapped her arms around her frail form, "Yes.. But.." "But..?" "But while I was out gathering ingredients for a sacred offering, something happened. Something went wrong, I became drowsy and felt odd - I must have picked the wrong herb, inhaled the spores and.. and... Now I can't find my way to the entrance of my realm." Silent tears where creating glittering paths across her tinted skin as she looked toward the fire, her hair moving wispily on a self created breeze by the powers of her element. ...read more.


As soon as the words escaped him the darkness sped back to the corners and cracks of the cavern, everything as it was before. And there was Lania, her eyes wide, still fearful as she looked toward him. Soon his arms were about her, holding her protectively, holding her in a way they had never shared before. And she returned the embrace. What she had seen was the shadows enveloping him, not herself and in turn she offered her life for his. In the same way she did for her. The Goddess' voice echoed again, "Well done. You have passed my test.." The pair frowned at each other, a test? This had been a test? "I could not allow you to enter unless you held pure hearts. And your love for each other stretches far beyond that. Each offered their own life for the other. So now I allow you to my city.." The wall of the cavern began to open, drawing back on itself, revealing a city that sparkled with an unseen glow. Crystal homes, palaces and temples danced with all the colours of the spectrum and more, it was a beautiful sight. Despite this, neither elf was looking at the beauty of the Air Elementals city, but at one another. And with that, they made a silent revelation - They felt love for one another. Leaning forwards they both drew close, and shared a kiss. They would travel again tomorrow, but for now, they would bask in their realised feelings and perhaps they could evoke anther right of the winter Ceremony - It was always the approved time for marriages.. Laura McGillicuddy 12A ...read more.

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