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Hell girl

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Hell girl "The world hold together by predestined relationship. Numerous interlacing and entangled line wind together. Vulnerable and helpless Shorttube Lycoris is beginning to bloom. Angry and sad tears cover the face. Bitterness which you can't give vent to will be released on the farther side of the river at midnight."-- Hell girl This urban legend which called hell girl circulated among the people in Asia . Somebody who bear a grudge can open a "hell communication" web page to connect with the hell by hell correspondence at 0:00 midnight. Once you enter the hell web page , you have a chance to write down the name of somebody who embitter you. After you submit the name, the hell girl who has red eyes and long black hair will appear, she will help you take away your hatred to the hell...Of course you will pay for it. Whatever the reason is,when one person is cursed,two graves are dug.please take me back. This is a deal. It was close upon midnight, people are already asleep, but a forlorn and sad figure was dimly visible in the evening gloom. ...read more.


Her emotion was at a high pitch at this moment. "If that is what you wish for, that would be granted," Allie said. Then she was swallowed up in darkness. This is a quiet night.,wind swept along the street. Sharon and her parents were sitting at the table, eating a dinner. "How's your school?Are you doing your best on your assignments?"Sharon's father asked. "Of course she's doing her best after her dream came true with being admitted to that school.right?"Her mom smiled in satisfaction. Sharon just sat there and ate in silence. "It's been a while since Julie came over last time. How is she doing now?" "She is busy." She could not tell her parents the only one friend of her treat her differently now. She also couldn't tell them what she suffered in school. Sharon was a new student who transferred from other high school. She was subjected to bullying everyday in school since the first day she got here. Her classmates played her a nasty trick by hiding her books, putting insects in her desk,writing the bad words about her on the blackboard before the class and so on. ...read more.


The scarecrow suddenly disappeared in a sheet of flame. The squeak of oars came from the darkness. Allie rowed the boat across the lake. "Who are you? Where am I going?" A sudden voice disturbed the tranquil surface of the lake. " I'm Allie, you're here because someone had a grudge against you. It was true. I will carry this vengeance to hell." "Let me go!""Let me go!" The boat disappeared in the distance. The lake was knocking down steadily.This revenge will ferry you to hell. "It's not my fault,she pushed me to do it, she should think about how I feel. As one day I go to hell,let's be friends there."A unfathomable smile rested on her lips. "When will the sakura blossoms bloom?When will they bloom in the village in the mountains?When will the sakura blossoms smell?when the laughing child plays?When will the sakura blossoms dance?when the singing child sleeps?When will the sakura blossoms wilt?When the dead child relives?"Allie sang softly. We don't know where the next request come from. No one will get happy, revenge is meaningless. It's very painful to carry a Cross of morality, keep moving around and keep being everlasting in dizziness. You will be wounded for your transgressions. Although we may face unreasonable in the life, we should overcome it, this is the meaning of life. ...read more.

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