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Hello? creative writing.

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?????? The women slid into the luxurious crumpled white leather sofa and let the tide of cushions envelop her. Bathed in the subtle light she sat, gazing mindlessly into her TV. Inside the spacious living room, the large mirror hung majestically over the ornate stone fireplace and the traditional rug from South Africa was stretched out on the glossy, wooden floor; well positioned ornaments were placed around the room, giving it soul and life. And a soothing snug sound from the grandfather clock floated around the room. Warm-hearted pictures of friends, family and of her husband gave the room a familiar character. The TV flickered and fuzzed and a smart, well spoken, serious looking newsreader began with the bad news as usual, but this time, it was much more significant. The women immediately sat up, with an uneasy look spreading over her face. She leaned forward and listened carefully to the incoming news report. ...read more.


Her keys jostled and echoed in the high ceiling hallway and with her slightly quivering hands she found it hard to place the key in the lock, but just as the lock had turned she thought she heard someone, she peered through the glass, quickly unlocked the door and stepped outside. The man slid smoothly around the corner, just avoiding the woman. Crouching behind the wall he could only hear her and he could hear her coming closer. She was very light on her feet and made very little noise but all the same the security light came on and from her tall shadow, her could see her head scanning around the area. Pressed with his back hard up against the wall he heard her slow breathing, as he caught glimpse of her feet, his heart beat quickened and it felt as if it was blaring inside him, he told himself to keep calm, because he knew there was no way he could let her see him. ...read more.


The woman opened the front door and slammed it hard behind her. Once she had caught her breath, she realised. The house was completely dark. She tried the light switch. Nothing. The only light was coming through the slightly frosted panes at the side of the door and as the condensation caught the moon light it made it feel very dark, and cramped indeed. She took a step forward, only to hear another pair of feet moving with her own. She carefully crept into the living room and crouched low behind the sofa. The luxury white leather sofa being but a barrier, to the sound of feet which were now making their way to the stairs. Her photos of family and friends of little use to her as the staircase squealed and creaked under the man's weight. And the slow hollow sound of the grandfather clock, so different to that of just a half hour before. And so with the everything and the nothing that surrounded her, she waited... I got a A-/B+ for this. Have fun ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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