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Hello dear friends, This is the ghost of Marley; I'm Scrooge's old business partner and best friend.

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Hello dear friends, This is the ghost of Marley; I'm Scrooge's old business partner and best friend. I am here on this particular day partly as it was the night of my death seven years ago but I am really here as I have a chance to tell and warn Scrooge that he's heading down a bad road and that he's living a selfish, horrible and wicked life. If he's does not change he will condemned to wander for eternity and witness what he cannot share. I knew Scrooge well as he was my best and only friend and he was my business partner. We had a lot in common. We were selfish and greedy with no feelings for the poor or needy. We just wanted more and more money. We may have been rich but we were certainly poor in sprit and no joy in us. Yes, Old Scrooge is definitely a humbug but he was still my best friend. Earlier this day Scrooge's nephew arrived and wished scrooge a merry Christmas and surprise, surprise Scrooge's reaction was "Bah! ...read more.


I am stating this as I think this reflects Scrooge's character as he is selfish, greedy and mean man and he has no consideration for others. He does not even consider his workers and he very unwillingly gave Bob Cratchit, his personal assistant the day off for Christmas, complaining that he was getting paid for not working. When you look at Scrooge's financial state and Bob's financial state, it is terrible to think that Scrooge couldn't just spare him Christmas off without any fuss. Scrooge yet again headed home after another day of work to his lonely old house where he would have his dinner by himself once again. But let me tell you he will have company during tonight's dinner as I am going to visit him this very night. I follow him home as he leaves his office and I see the house I once shared with him. Oh the memories I have of that house are still coming back to me now. I decide to give him a wake up call; a wee shock I make my face appear on his doorknocker thinking this will give him a fright. ...read more.


These bandages were shoved on around your head to keep your jaws closed in coffins. I despised them so much. Scrooge is shocked to see me and shocked that you look the same as I did seven years ago when I where alive. However Scrooge still refuses to acknowledge that you are real and not is imagination. He blames the fact that he sees you on something he ate that day. I tell him why I'm here but Scrooge can't understand so I start to describe my wasted life to him and how I regret it so much and I say to him again that I'm here to offer him a chance to change his fate of having to wonder eternity like me and carry these heavy chains on his body. Before I leave I warn Scrooge that there will be another three spirits which will visit you tonight. I leave him wondering about what he has just seen, hoping that he will change his self-centred life and not have to spend eternity like me. Personally however I think Scrooge is too much like me and will forget my visit and keep living a life of selfishness like I did. ...read more.

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