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Henry Morgan The King Of All Pirates - A History

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Henry Morgan: "The King Of All Pirates" Born in Glamorgan, Wales, Henry Morgan is considered to be one of the most famous buccaneers of the 17th century. Many consider him to be not a pirate, but a privateer, meaning he was a "legal pirate" working for the English government. He is also considered to be the king of all buccaneers. (Henry Morgan) Henry Morgan's early life and why he started pirating is unknown, but many think that he was inspired to start in 1655. It was an English expedition to take Jamaica from the Spanish and convert it into an English Colony. (Crew) Morgan had gotten treasure from all over the world. ...read more.


Morgan decided to teach them a lesson they would never forget. He had his lead ship (covered with pitch, tar, and brimstone) loaded with kegs of gun powder, and full of dummies made to look like buccaneers, go towards the Spanish. While the Spanish were still laughing, the vessel exploded taking out two of the ships. The third ship was easily captured by the pirates. ("Sir Henry Morgan") Morgan offered the Spanish the option to surrender, but they refused again. After this, Morgan tricked the Spanish into thinking he was making a land attack. The Spaniards moved there cannons into firing position, but by the time they realized they had been tricked, Morgan had already safely passed by the fort. ...read more.


When he learned of Morgan's expeditions and good deeds, he knighted him and made him the governor of Jamaica. (Crew) On August 25, 1688, Sir Henry Morgan died of what most people believed to be liver failure. It was most probably because of his excessive drinking as a pirate. (Henry Morgan) Still today, Henry Morgan is considered to be the "King of all pirates". (Sir Henry Morgan) I personally think Henry Morgan is a genius, and a great pirate. If I lived in his time, there would be no doubt that I would join his crew. I pretty much think his nickname says everything about him. I was just speechless after I read the story about Marcaibo. So, here's to you, "The King of all Pirates". 1 ...read more.

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