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Her Mind Was Lost. I Was Trapped...

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The midnight chimes broke the night's silence. The dewy, ice cold atmosphere drifted in the surroundings. A man had approached the stranded house. It was desolate in the middle of nowhere. Why was he here? What was he doing here? All was to be revealed within the next few minutes ... He kicked the door open; a brush of heat swept passed him. It was dark - the figure chose the right time. He slowly climbed the stairs one by one. The shadow's finger was agitated as he clenched hold of his dagger. He revealed an evil smirk, as if something was to be plotted. What was to be plotted? Why? All these questions were being thrown at a girl who was just petrified by the man's coming. The girl knew the man; however she was too scared to make a noise. As the figure climbed the flight of stairs, he stormed his way to an abandoned room. Why was he going there? He grabbed hold of the door-knob and twisted it. Creak. It was dark - darker than the midnight sky. However the man heard someone whining. It was from that very room. The man glanced from right to left and saw the boy. The figure immediately slashed his dagger and pointed it towards him. ...read more.


That's life and that's how it was for me. What else would happen to me? I kept on stumbling forward, step by step. I wanted to get away from him, so I intended to walk as far as I could. Soon night approached. The sky changed from light blue to red, and slowly the night was being swallowed by the black surroundings. Shadows emerged from the distance and soon I became more alert. It was time I took shelter, but where? I walked from the city to the countryside and soon I approached a house - a desolated house. It was in the middle of nowhere, but I was worn out from the long journey. I walked over to the shed and managed to find a large stack of hay. Just what I needed! It smelt quite repulsive, yet my body sank down on the hay and slowly my eyelids closed. Silence. Soon I was alarmed by a vague noise coming from the distance. What was it? Where was it coming from? Was it a dream? All these questions were thrown at me as I was startled by the noise. The sound throbbed in my mind and it became louder. It kept repeating itself. I was curious. What was it? I realised it was the midnight chimes but where was it coming from? ...read more.


She slowly walked past the deserted rooms and made her way to her brother or what seemed as her brother. Without thinking, the girl pushed open the door and saw her brother alive. Her brother was shocked to see his sister and immediately whispered to her "Trap!" What did this mean? Soon she realised and the murderer revealed himself from the darkness and cornered the girl. "My moment has come young one as you are in my clutches. I was longing to see you and kill you but you escaped by mere luck. I have now trapped you by brainwashing your mind. You were truly lost. From the beginning you were lost and your mind has always been lost as I persuaded you to come." "You are a cruel and a vicious man. You are nothing but a murderer who has no mercy - no pity. Why do you want me? What for?" The girl had so many questions but the fact was, she was soon going to die and there was simply no point in asking them. One day truth will unfold itself, but this is a story of an assassination, and this truth will always be hidden in secrecy. The murderer looked the girl in the eye - his eye showed anger, and he was ready to kill. He pointed his dagger, and slashed it at the girl. The brave one thumped to the ground and her last words were incomplete as she murmured "...Lost..." The midnight chimes broke the night's silence. ...read more.

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