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Here be an extract from ye diary of Milly Richards

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Here be an extract from ye diary of Milly Richards: I has been having a few doubts about marrying dear Tony Kytes. Today I be finding out that I should have been more unsure. I has caught him asking two other girls if they will be his. I is really jealous of those girls, they is more beautiful than I has ever been or will ever be. I can't really blame Tony for going after other girls. He is a ram and they is all the fields he is going to want to be exploring. It all started as I be walking down to the market. Today the sun rose early and I knew it would be a splendid day. As I is walking to market it is about noon. The sun is a ball of orange fire, floating in the everlasting oceans of sky. There be no clouds in sight and the birds be singing pleasantly in the trees that be in the wide expanse of fields. I is getting hot and tired when I heard the noise of a cart. ...read more.


I is thinking that he does not love me anymore like a ram he has gone in search of that next just out of reach field. But like a ram he be returning home once he be bored of exploring the unknown. I is horrified that he would do this. I then hears him say that he has not settled it with me about our day to be wed and about us being wed in the first place. I could not help but make a shrieking noise that could be nothing but me heart screaming in absolute agony from the depths of me very soul. As the conversation continued I do believe I be hearing Tony ask Hannah in no uncertain terms if she be willing to wed him. This declaration made my heart let out an ear- splitting moan that had come from the fiery depths of hell to destroy all who stood in it's path. I lay curled in an uncomfortable ball on the floor of the waggon of my fianc� and wept until I could shed but no more tears for meself. ...read more.


It is as I be drifting downwards that I has come to me decision about what it be that I is to do. As I landed with a thud in a sharp bush I knew me fate had been sealed. Tony went to the other two girls and asks if they would be wed to him. They both says no and so when he is asking me I agrees and we is then to be married. When we be married the ram will never stray again from home. For as soon as we is wed, his home will go and he will never be able to return. I is so upset at how he be treating me that I have decided life married to Tony Kytes is not a life worth living. I be deciding to end my life of misery the night of our wedding. He tells me he is not meaning what he said to the others but I is not believing him and so it is time for him to learn. I must now be saying me final goodbyes. I will go on to live in a better place but Tony will live for many more years with the grief of what he has done. HW 23/04/07 Jo Gothard 9TM 1 14:12 ...read more.

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