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Heritage. As a student of Hispanic descent, why are you committed to your education? What are your future career goals?

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´╗┐As a student of Hispanic descent, why are you committed to your education? What are your future career goals? Reflecting on my childhood days, I can still recall when my grandparents asked me the old question: what do you want to be when you grow up? I would then look up at the sky and say, I would like to be an astronaut, however, as the years went by, the personal gratification I got when caring for others made me realize that I wanted to become doctor. My academic career has always included a love for sciences. After my freshman year is when I determined that I had a natural ability for these subject area and I started researching careers in which I could use it. I enjoy learning more about our environment, cells and especially our bodies so my interest in medicine greatly increased. My Hispanic heritage has played a significant role in my decision to pursue this career. ...read more.


Being a Hispanic female and wanting to attend and graduate from college hopefully will prove to other Hispanic that they can achieve their goals if they keep trying As part of my short term and long-term goals, I plan on ending my biology career with a strong academic record. I then envision myself enrolling in a Physician assistant school where I can acquire a solid foundation in medicine. I look forward to mastering the subject and obtaining my PH.D degree in a prestigious school. I trust that my profession will prepare me in easing the fears and hardships of not only Hispanics in the United States, but of all the people that come in touch with me. I definitely want to make a difference and draw gratification every day from knowing that my help and knowledge has made a positive difference in the lives of many people. How do you currently give back to your community, and how will you continue to help your community as a Hispanic professional? ...read more.


As a Single parent, I normally deal with number of stresses regularly like bringing income on time, working long hours, sleepless nights and spending quality time with my seven-year-old daughter. It is hard to balance between life and work. For example, due to lack of money at certain times, sometimes I may not be able to get all the things for my daughter?s school this creates little tension and stress between the me and my daughter. We are very open with each other and are always communicating, so I let her know about our economic situation. I often feel emotionally as well as physically exhausted. Being a single mother can be very difficult and frustrating, but being a mother is one of the greatest gifts anyone can ask for. Even though things get hard at times, I make sure I keep my home structured and comfortable. I also Make sure you?re my daughter knows how much I love her and even though she doesn?t get everything she wants or needs I make sure she earns it and I teach her responsibility so she can succeed later in life. ...read more.

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