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Heroes article. The UK has been in Afghanistan since 2001, and the death toll for the British military has suffered 404 losses in this time. Each had a family, each had a different story, and each had a life that was cut short.

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The Proud, the Few, the Fallen 6th March 2012; Cpl Jake Hartley 20, Pte Anthony Frampton 20, Pte Daniel Wade 20, Pte Christopher Kershaw 19, Pte Daniel Wilford 21, and Sgt Nigel Coupe 33. These are the name of six more brave British soldiers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the long, long war again terror. They died when their heavily armoured Warrior vehicle drove over a well-placed roadside bomb in the dangerous province of Helmand. The UK has been in Afghanistan since 2001, and the death toll for the British military has suffered 404 losses in this time. ...read more.


It's fine for us. We're sat in our cosy Sixth Form with not a care in the world. We go home at night, see our families, then go to sleep. We wake up the next morning and repeat the whole routine. Now for one minute just imagine having to wake up every morning without your family, 3000 miles away in the middle-east. See how good we've got it? The basic pay for a Private in the British Army is �16,681. The average wage for someone who works in IT is �41,545. ...read more.


But we could be here for so much longer. The Afghan security forces are infiltrated with Taliban and Taliban sympathisers, who are not yet capable of running their own affairs. NATO and the Allies must continue the hard work necessary to keep the middle-east free of terrorism. The price we have already paid is high. Just for tonight, go home and think about those hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers involved in the conflict. As the great Prime Minister, Winston Churchill once said: "Never was so much, owed by so many, to so few". ...read more.

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