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Heroes by Robert Cormier How does the relationship between Francis and Nicole develop?

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Heroes by Robert Cormier How does the relationship between Francis and Nicole develop? Francis and Nicole first meet in the "seventh grade at St Jude's Parochial school during arithmetic". Immediately, Francis feels that there is a connection between them as Mother Margret introduced Nicole to the class. Francis described Nicole as "the most beautiful girl I had ever seen" and believed that there was a moment between them, "our eyes met and a flash of recantation passed between us, as if we had known each other before". He also noticed "Something else flashed in her eyes, too, a hint of mischief", Francis took the "hint" as an indication that they were going to have some good times together. This could mean that this a beginning of their relationship, but Francis realises that he has to talk and have Nicole notice him, if he wants more then a friendship. ...read more.


The Wreck Centre furthered the relationship between Francis and Nicole as they talked a little more. Francis felt that "Nicole Renard's visits to the Wreck Centre made my life there complete". "Jealousy streaked through" him, watching Nicole dance with larry, the way he "tossed her in the air, letting her fly, defying gravity for a breathless moment, the caught her, pressing her close, their faces almost touching, their lips only an inch or so from a kiss, before he allowed her to slip down against his body.". francis realises the voluptuous tension between them leaving him feeling more suspicious toward larry. Also in this chapter, before francis played in table tennis tournament wishes him good luck but uncontrollably francis blurts out "I love to watch you dance", fortunately for him Nicole replied "And I love to watch you play". This was the first conversation they have had which helped develop their relationship, the conversation ended with nicole inviting him to a party the larry had suggested, this brought up the feeling of suspiciousness concerning Larry to Francis and also the reader. ...read more.


At this stage of the book francis and nicole's relationship is at its highest point. Larry LaSalle's arrival was important to many people in Frenchtown mostly to the children who went to the Wreck Centre. "larry was our war hero, yes, but he had been a hero to us long before he went to war" commented francis. Towards the end of the celebration, larry indirectly forced francis to go home so that larry can talk and dance alone with nicole. As no one ever disobeys larry unfortunately francis does what he was told even when nicole pleaded him, "stay close to me", "stay and watch", "don't go". As francis stayed behind to show how much he cared for her and kept his promise. He relised that larry did not want to dance or talk. As nicole came out, "And I recognized in her eyes now what I could not deny: betrayal" this rapidly decreased their relationship as she realised that francis had done nothing to help her. Larry lasalle had poisioned the relationship between francis and nicole. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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