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Heroes in the World

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´╗┐Heroes in my World Heroes fill the book Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella. Everyone has a hero in this book. For some people, thier description of a hero was not what another person?s was. Ray Kinsella got many signals telling him to go find different people and help them. His first message was ?If you build it he will come.? Ray knew that this was referring to the greatest baseball player of all time, so he made a baseball field. After getting most of the field done, he got a message ?Ease his pain.? Immediately Ray knew this was referring to J.D. Salinger (Jerry) his old friend, and writer of The Catcher in the Rye. ...read more.


He had a dream to be buried in a grave in his baseball uniform, and with his cleats and baseball glove. All of these people had dreams, and Ray was the hero who helped it all happens. There are many people in the world I live in that help me along my way. Although these people are helpful, and make life better for me, there are two people above all. These two people are my heroes, my mother and father. My mother is in Internal Medicine and has a private practice as a physician. She does not only help me but also many other people in our community, for every day essentials. ...read more.


If I have a question I do not understand in my homework, they can help me. Also, after I write an essay or a report, my parents always help correct it before I turn it in. Even when I have tests, they take time out of there busy lives to help me study for it. I honestly do not know what I will do if I did not have them. Just as Ray?s hero was his own father, and his father?s was Shoeless Joe Jackson, I also have a very important hero. My heroes are my parents. Heroes help or teach people all in different ways. Some people have heroes that they have never seen, while others have heroes that they live with every day. Every person?s definition of hero is different, and every hero themselves is different. ...read more.

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