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Herstory: Jane Goodall

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Done by: Chan Karyan () Fong Jia Ling () Samantha Ho () Jane Shi () Content page: (1) Biography of Jane Goodall (2) Text 1 (Text type: News Article) By: Samantha Ho (3) Text 2 (Text type: Diary entry) By: Jane Shi (4) Text 3 (Text type: Poem) By: Chan Karyan (5) Text 4 (Text type: Letter) By: Fong Jia Ling Biography of Jane Goodall: Jane Goodall was born in London, England in 1934 to Mortimer Herbert Morris-Goodall, a businessman and Margaret Myfanwe Joseph, a novelist who wrote under the name Vanne Morris-Goodall. As a child she was given a lifelike chimpanzee toy named Jubilee by her mother; her fondness for the toy started her early love of animals. Today, the toy still sits on her dresser in London. As she writes in her book, Reason For Hope: "My mother's friends were horrified by this toy, thinking it would frighten me and give me nightmares." Goodall had always been passionate about animals and Africa, which brought her to the farm of a friend in the Kenya highlands in 1957. From there, she obtained work as a secretary, and acting on her friend's advice she telephoned Louis Leakey, a Kenyan archaeologist and paleontologist, with no other thought than to make an appointment to discuss animals. ...read more.


My life was changed completely when Louis Leakey told me to study the Chimpanzees. This has all been a very exciting experience for me and the past two years or so have been an especially exciting one for me. I was finally accepted into the chimpanzee society, which I had been studying on. It was all thanks to Flo, a high ranking female that bonded with me and gradually managed to convince the troop to accept me as the lowest ranking female. It has been a very exciting experience as by far, I am the only human that has ever been accepted into a chimpanzee society. With that privilege, I was able to learn more about them, and have come to realize that every one of them is unique and have different personalities. I have also managed to make a few other important discoveries! I realized that Chimpanzees are, in fact, omnivores. This was discovered through a not very pleasant experience when I saw David Greybeard eating a baby bushpig. It came as quite a shock for us all as it was originally thought that Chimpanzees are herbivores. I also made many other discoveries, like how they know how to plot plans (e.g Figan deliberately kidnapped baby Flint in order to get his mother ...read more.


He strongly believed that the study of apes could give indications of the behavior of early hominoids and the history of the world. It was him who ignited the flame in my passion for primate study when he sent me for research at the Gombe Stream National Park, where I first interacted with chimpanzees. It then propelled me to study primate behavior and anatomy and I never stopped since then. You see, I wanted to understand the chimpanzees. I wanted to pierce my childhood dreams together and talk to animals and thereby understand nature and the history of the world, just like how Dr Doolittle did, albeit being impractical. However, in one way or the other, I achieved it. It was not because I had any special powers or talents like Dr Doolittle, but it was because I worked hard for it and cared to help and communicate with the chimpanzees. I then further continued the pursuit of my childhood dreams and today the Institute is opened. Son, you may not understand this letter at such a tender age, but I wish that you would turn to this letter when you grow up and put yourself in my shoes - that animal right is a passion that I pursued. Nevertheless, I, as your mother, hope that you would pursue yours too. Mother ...read more.

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