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'Hester and Katherine exploit each other, but for different reasons'. Discuss

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'Hester and Katherine exploit each other, but for different reasons'. Discuss Hester Harper is a lonely, single lady in The Well. It was her loneliness, lack of love and need for companionship that made her bring Katherine home. She did not have a life of her own. Katherine was an unloved child, who had already been rejected by people in her country until she luckily met with Hester. Katherine formed a close relationship with Hester, and soon realised that Hester was quite fond of her. Katherine fulfilled all her requirements, and Hester believed that it is the beginning of a secure and loving relationship. Hester spoiled Katherine and made her life incredibly comfortable; she did not want to ever let go of her. Katherine was incredibly good at manipulating Hester. She displayed her care and friendliness on the first day that she was brought home, "Oh Miss Harper I will. ...read more.


It is very unusual for a young girl to be willing to stay at home and doing house chores unless they are endeavouring to achieve something. Katherine was also always trying to spoil Hester, "...I thought you'd like the sherry trifle..." There is so little mention of Katherine's past and the orphanage except for Katherine complaints. You are also reminded, that Katherine's past and true identity are still not revealed. Katherine influenced Hester enormously in many ways, and always had complete control of every situation. Hester always treated Katherine with a loving generosity. She was a submissive and repressed character and the obvious isolation from the world resulted in her gripping to the friendship of the young, full spirited Katherine. Hester did not want to lose Katherine, this was due to her past experience where Hester faced the fact that Miss Herzfeld, the governess whom she loved and thought she possessed had belonged all the time to her father. ...read more.


Katherine refused and told her she would not do it. Nevertheless we never find out who stole the money; however we do know that Hester is left with nothing. All she ever wanted is for her and Katherine to be happy. Hester and Katherine both tried to take advantage of each other. Hester never wanted to lose Katherine, and had always done what was best for her. She tried to make Katherine's life the most comfortable as she possibly could. She bought all the things that Katherine insisted upon, and even told Katherine that she could invite her best friend to stay, even though she did not look so kindly upon. All Katherine ever wanted was the money to use for her own pleasure, she wanted to get everything out of Hester, and was very manipulative in doing so. She had Hester wrapped up in her little finger. Both Katherine and Hester used each other, but it was really Katherine who was in the most control. ...read more.

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