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HG Wells

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HG Wells was born in Bromley, Kent in 1866. He was an English writer, most famous today for his science fiction novels. He was a profilic writer of both fiction and non fiction but unfortunately died on the 13th of August 1946. He wrote many famous science fiction novels such as The War of The Worlds and The Time Machine. The short story the Red Room begins with a young man who dares himself to go into a haunted room. The 3 custodians that are at the beginning of the story try and caution him off but fail and the young man proceeds to the room and locks the door. The first thing that H.G Wells does in this story is describe the 3 custodians. He deliberately tries to make them sound creepy and horrid to add to the atmosphere. The first custodian, an old wrinkled man with a withered arm is the first person that the young man talks to. This custodian is seen as horrid because back in the time that the story was set in people with disabilities were seen as freaky and were looked down upon. ...read more.


This also adds to the atmosphere as it seems that the old women is displeased that there is a stranger in the house on this particular night which could mean that something could have happened at the house on that night many years ago. The last custodian, another old man comes into the story a while after the first two custodians. HG Wells makes this custodian seem creepy by describing the custodian using phrases like 'Eyes covered by a shade' also by making the character not show his face for a long period of time throughout his time in the story. This would add to the atmosphere as the man is made to seem mysterious and spooky. The last custodian also coughs a lot throughout this particular point in the story which suggests that he may have been dieing from a common disease in Victorian times, Tuberculosis. This also adds to the atmosphere as people in Victorian times would not want to be in a room with someone who has this fatal disease. ...read more.


The young man also describes how scared he feels by using phrases such as ' I stood rigid for half a minute perhaps' which suggests that he is feeling rather scared. This adds to the atmosphere as there is obviously something present in the corridor. The young man then continues to say 'Then, with my hand in the pocket that held my revolver, I advanced.. .' This suggests that the young man was obviously scared before he came to the house otherwise he wouldn't be carrying a gun. This also adds to the atmosphere as the young man obviously felt that he needed some form of protection to take with him before he entered the house. The young man also tends to think about the history of the house whilst in the corridor by saying phrases such as 'Here it was, thought I, that my predecessor was found and the memory of that story gave me a sudden twinge of apprehension' this would add to the atmosphere of the story as it puts the idea of death into the readers minds which makes the setting of the story sound even more creepy. ...read more.

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