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Hi I am Adam silver, and this is the story about the day I died.

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Hi I am Adam silver, and this is the story about the day I died. 1969 man lands on moon, 2009 man create the mars airbus 390, 2099 the day humans fight over the last of Earths natural recourses, 2149 the day I set off on a journey to my demise. It was the year 2148 and I was luxuriating my system with some kind of bio coffee, which had been made for dirt and water, it was wired, they had said on the news that are Earths natural recourses will not run out until the year 2212. Well who realises on the news these days? There has been a time that humans have had a tough time in the universe, but all that has passed. While thinking what God wants to do with us, the mail shot down the hyper vent. Looking at it I walked strutting slowly towards it, when the cyber screen shot on showing me who was at the door. A small man about 4 foot 9 stud tall in front of my big white multi-lock door holding a silver tipped brief case. Hastily I opened the door wondering what he wanted in a town where no one is wanted. ...read more.


Struggling I drove to the destination around 5 minutes early. Then deciding to go to a local caf´┐Ż which had a view just opposite the waiting point. Putting 3 sugar cubes in a multi-cappuccino I watched like a hark. While I was sitting there I didn't notice an extremely beautiful women stand in front of me. Turning round I could not help my self not noticing how pretty she was. Speechless I invite her to sit down and tell me what this set up was all about. "First of all the only thing you get to know about me is that I am called the black rose." "Yesterday you saw a man that gave you a card" handing it over I hesitated to let go. "Have you contacted or meet anyone lately before me and that man yesterday." Shaking my head she took my hand and branded me with a permanent scare. "This is only for you o get past a lot of things." "So what am I doing here? And what is this all about if I have not said yes to anything?" "You can't say yes it's your destiny" "How do you know so much about me and nothing about you or your company?" ...read more.


Whispering "just once why is life never clear." Running life shot pass me and time slowed down something that took a 30 second run became a 30 day marathon. In between that 30 day marathon I created my own idea of life, but I never had a chance to write it down somewhere. When we reached the alter I placed my hand on it and it began. Lights shone out beaming like the northern lights; an object the shape of a window began to form and a sort of vortex of gravity started to take place. Suddenly my hand was pulled in to the alter and tried to pull me in whole. Then the vortex started to pull me and The Rose in. she used her teleporter to teleport herself out of it, while I was left to root in to the doom demention. When a light source shone out of my body making me jump to a parallel universe. Rose "Adam this video will not last that long so listen" "you have been teleported here for your safety we are sorry for all the trou...ble." "Now your life has been reborn in the way that you have died in your home world and have started again as a new person in this one." "Adam I have..." ...read more.

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