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Hi My name is Nicole Awes.

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Hi My name is Nicole Awes. I am fourteen and a female when I was six we moved to Australia because of the violence and crimes in Athens, Greece my home. I was born in Greece 1984 and now I am growing up in Australia. I'm finding it hard to grow up in a different country. My first day at high school was dreadful kids were looking at me strange and calling me names like ugly duckling, send her back to the zoo. It was difficult to learn also people were talking about me behind my back and throwing paper at me. They all followed me around at lunch and laughed at the food I had. ...read more.


I burst out in tears and Jane's Group sat there and laughed at me. My life wasn't pleasant at this time. I wish I could just be a normal kid without the teasing. I am feeling a bit left out with no one to help me and my parents wouldn't understand. I wish I could be Australian , or have a bigger sister that would stand up for me in times like this. The principal called Jane in first as she had been at the school since she was six. She came out of the principal's office after ten long minutes with an innocent look on her face, The principal then called me into the office. I got even more scared and was thinking on what my parents will do. ...read more.


He told me that I was suspended from school for three days and was not to come back in those three days. Then the principal added " Jane has been expelled for the form of bullying she has done to you". I had mixed emotions I didn't know whether to be happy or sad. When I got home my parents grounded me, I had no friends anyway. I spent the next three days at home in my bedroom doing nothing. When I came out of my bedroom they gave me a big lecture "Back in Greece" When I returned to school everyone loved me and welcomed me back I ended up with all Jane's friends liking me and now I know what it feels like to be left out and teased and bullied ...read more.

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