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Hillsborough - Original Writing

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William Parish 10T Original Writing Hillsborough Introduction The 15th of April 1989 was a day that will live in the memories of Liverpool and Nottingham Forest fans for the rest of their lives, especially mine.The day when ninety two innocent football fans were crushed and sufficated to death in the away supporters end in an F.A Cup semi- final. Never to live again-Hillsborough, in its own words was a tragedy. END OF INTRODUCTION The atmosphere was electrifying as we walked down towards Hillsborough football stadium. Born and raised as a Liverpool supporter by my parents- it was to be my first away game.It was also one of my friends very first game. Shawn, who was not interested in football, came along just to please his best friend. Shawn was a tall, dark skinned sixteen year old, often known to others as "Solid Shawn". He also had short curly black hair which did not look like it had been washed for a while- but no-one would say anything because he was "Solid Shawn". His friennd Michael was a true Liverpool supporter who had been to almost every Liverpool game since he started liking football. He had short, neat blonde hair with an eybrow piercing which looked like it was infected as it had a sickly white discharge oozing out of it. The road was packed with both Liverpool and Nottingham forest fans; there was hardly enough room to even walk. ...read more.


Then all of a sudden I thought "what if we score?" when Liverpool usually score the fans would rush towards the front of the stand in excitement and if this was to happen the people at the front would be suffocated further. I never thought I would find myself rooting for the against Liverpool to win a match- but I was at this moment, only concerned for the safety of the fans below. As soon as I had started thinking such thoughts, it seemed as if Liverpool had turned it up a gear, and were constantly attacking the Nottingham Forest goal. After twenty-five minutes of the match . . . . ., Liverpool scored. The crowd roared with excitement and, as expected, the crowd below surged forward and screams of anguish filled the air. Dosens of spectators had only one choice and that was to scramble onto the football field. I felt horrified as the police tried to force these people back into the stand- but were failing as the crowd had took the little space made and there was once again no room in the stand below. To my amazement the people below were now standing on top of each other in a desperate attempt to reach the second tier. The two stands were only about eight feet apart at the lowest point. One person actually reached his arms out towards Mike, Shawn and myself. "Help me!" ...read more.


. well you know" "Well I had to ask some body. I hope you understand." "Do you have any photographs or any other means of identification?" I realised I had Mikes under sixteens bus pass with me and pulled it out of my pocket. "Him" "Hold on one moment, please" A few moments later the doctor returned and in a serious voice said. "I think you had better come this way sir." his sombre tone of voice scared me, as he lead us through a door which read "Mortuary" "I am sorry sir- I have a person who fits that picture in here, ill contact his family and bring them down here so that they can make an identification for us" Mikes parents eventually arrived and after staying in with the doctor for a while came out with tears streaming down their faces. "MIKE!" Shawn screemed and ran through the door to see his friend. I had never seen Shawn show this much emotion beforeand even though he has a reputation as "Solid Shawn" he didnt look like the boy who didnt care about anyone now- he had a heart too. We just stared at the prone body infront of us for what seemed an eternity until finally we stepped outside. "I'm sorry boys-I don't know what to say" And with that we were taken home. The 15th of April 1989 will live in everyones memory for the rest of their lives. Ninety-two people were confirmed deceased just three nights later, including my best friend Mike. Shawn and I both hope that both him and everyone else who died on that day will rest in peace. ...read more.

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