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His heart was pounding in his head as he skipped round the ring, only narrowly avoiding his opponent's punches.

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Original writing His heart was pounding in his head as he skipped round the ring, only narrowly avoiding his opponent's punches. Sam Smith, his opponent, was a well built man with huge fists almost the size of his head. He had short black hair with queer looking quiff at the front of his head. Tom on the other hand was far smaller and thinner; he looked rather insignificant when stood next to Sam Smith. Tom continued to dance round the ring in an attempt to avoid the punches being hurled around the ring. Then Sam swung again at Tom, Tom ducked and counter attacked him landing a horrific blow in the centre of the beasts face. Now swaying Frank was obviously quiet groggy from the last blow, and in one triumphant moment for Tom, Frank reluctantly collapsed and crashed to the ground. Everything was silent nobody could believe what they had just witnessed; Tom parker had just defeated the almighty Sam Smith, and had become the new world champion. Looking down he saw Sam lying motionless on the floor, a huge rush of happiness shot through his body as the news started to settle in. Crying he collapsed to his knees, while crowd burst into cheers. He had done it; he had beaten the unbeatable and changed boxing forever. ...read more.


if you keep your head you should win, just make sure you keep your second serve consistent" He passed tom the racket and gave him an encouraging wink as he walk back onto the court. He stood on the base line and stared at Sam never breaking eye contact, and then Tom pulled a ball out of his pocket and tossed it up into the air. He watched the ball making sure that it made perfect contact with the centre of his racket; it shot forward when his racket hit it, only to find that it had hit the net. "Second serve." called the umpire. Nerves were now kicking in; he had to take a short but deep breath to stop him self-having a fit. Bang he hit the second ball with a huge velocity into Sam's court, only to find it had be smashed straight back at such a pace it couldn't have been returned. He tried to forget the first point and focus his game; he could see his fans cheering him on. Serving again he blasted the ball into his opponents service box, and found that the ball was not returned. A point pass and it was now thirty-fifteen, this was a little too close for Tom's liking. ...read more.


Opening the car door he couldn't help but wonder where he was going. "Ok Tom were going to see your mother" What! Thought Tom he was now petrified "oh I forgot my jacket, I'll just go an get it." said Mr Gilligan. Still dazed from the drugs Tom was doing irrational things. Mr Gilligan had left the keys in the car, so Tom decided that it was a good idea to drive, he new it was wrong, but he still did it. Turning the keys the engine started to hum, he started to drive and as he was driving the drugs kick in .He pushed hard on the brake as he approached the final hairpin bend, then pushed the clutch and made the transition between gears four and three. Turning the wheel sharply to the right he started to accelerate through the apex into the final stretch of the course. He could now see the finish line, frank was on his right they were neck and neck. Neither person seemed to be breaking away he had to win. He pushed hard on the accelerator and then without warning the car burst into flames Tom made a desperate attempt to get out, but before he could the car exploded, and flames burst out everywhere, the car was hurtled ten feet into the air. The crowd look round horrified how could this have happened. ...read more.

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