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Hobson is a 'parent of the period'. What changes would you make to the play to set it in modern times? What decisions would you make about its presentation? Choose a short section of the play and rewrite it in a modern context

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Hobson is a 'parent of the period'. What changes would you make to the play to set it in modern times? What decisions would you make about its presentation? Choose a short section of the play and rewrite it in a modern context. Remember to include stage setting and costume advice. A modern day Muslim Indian family living in India, Tamil Nadu, Madurai. The scene is set in a modern day living and dining room. There is a grand door on the bottom left hand side. Next to it is a passageway. There is a small coffee table in the middle of the stage with two settees, one to the right and the other facing the audience. Behind it are two windows, which are open. Occasional sounds of cars passing are heard as well as bird chirps. There are a few ornaments on the coffee table. On the floor, to the left of the coffee table there is a magazine rack with assorted magazines and newspapers in it. In the front right hand corner there is a wooden dining table with 6 chairs around it, three on one side, facing the audience and 1 on each end. On the table there is a place setting for one. There is a plate, a glass to the right and a teacup and saucer. There is a bowl with a spoon in it, to the left of the plate and there is a hotpot directly in front of the plate. ...read more.


It's not only what people say. No one wants a daughter-in-law who talks badly about people! (Shama walks to the dining table and picks up the newspaper) Shenaz: (as though she's realized her mistake) Acha, (annoyed) but papa always complains about my idlys and my dosas. He says that they are always cold. He makes me cook. Hussain Bhai is here to cook. But no! Shenaz has to learn to cook. Shama: (sarcastically, walks back to the settee) So Shena, this is why we have been blessed with a microwave. (Shama looks around; satisfied that everyone's stopped and is about to sit down) Zubeda: (muttering to herself but in the silence Shama hears her) Papa! Come quickly. It's getting very late. Shama: (stands up again) Zubu! What is wrong with you? Are you waiting for papa to go? Why- you are no better than Shenaz. Both of you have no respect for your father. Zubeda: Acha, Shamapa (Old fashioned ding dong of the doorbell is heard) I am waiting for papa to leave. I want to go out. (Shama walks over to the door, and opens it. Tasneem, 18, enters. She is wearing a short top shalwar kahmeez. ) Tasneem: (cheerfully) Salams everyone! Zubeda: (shocked, stands up suddenly, shouting) Tasneem!!!! What are you doing here? You know your not supposed to be here! Papa might see you! Tasneem: (very calmly) ...read more.


I stayed home last weekend! Zubeda: (shouting) I'm sorry papa. You can't do this to us any longer. You just make us stay at home, the only thing you let us do is go to school and come back. The last time I went out with your permission was last month! (Shama walks over to the window.) Shenaz: (irritated) Exactly! We are all going to stand up to you! You are going to have to be back at three; otherwise we are all just going to leave. Hamid: How are you girls going to get good husbands? You have to obey what they say. He says sit, you sit, He says jump off a building you jump! Zubeda: Yes! That's our husband's, not out fathers. Fathers are supposed to give girls their freedom. And also fathers are supposed to act maturely. I hate this stupid family feud with Tasneem's family. After all the things you tell us about not fighting! And all this nonse- (Hamid cuts her off as he turns to the window. Silence for a few seconds and then Zubeda carries on.) Hamid: Mumtaz looks like she's coming this way. (Spins round, and yells out loudly) Stop shouting. Mumtaz is coming. She can't see you being disrespectful to me! (Zubeda stops shouting) Shenaz: (annoyed) Fine papa! Do that! Just cover up our faults an- (Doorbell rings) Hamid: (very smarmy, as he heads towards the door to open it, looks at the three girls) Gee, Gee, beti. You all go out and have fun. I'll come home at three. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amirah Kassim ...read more.

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