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Hobson's Choice.

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Anna Gillespie Hobson's Choice The play chronicles a shift in the balance of power between the generations and the sexes. Using selected quotations as appropriate, show how this shift occurs in the course of the play. In the beginning of the play it is uncertain who is the 'main' character, who has the most power, between Henry Horatio Hobson or his daughter Maggie Hobson. Maggie runs her father's shop with a little bit of help from her two younger sisters, Alice and Vickey. Maggie likes to take charge and she acts very dominant when her father is not around, 'What can we do for you Mr Prosser?' Rather than any of her sisters asking, Maggie rises straight away even though they all know that Mr Prosser isn't there to buy anything but to hover around, his love, Alice. 'Well I can't say I came in to buy anything, Miss Hobson.' Maggie is determined to run the business and is clearly sick of him hanging around without buying anything. ...read more.


Willie is used to being beaten and not treated fairly as a person but is extremely surprised when Mrs H gives him a card asking him to make all of her shoes as they are fantastic. Moving on the middle of the play, the situation hasn't changed that much. She has decided to move out and marry Willie Mossop, in which she forced him into it as a 'business deal'. She visits her sisters to ask them to come to her wedding while also telling them that they WILL get married, 'I don't allow for folks to change their minds. He made his choice. He said get married and you're going to.' She is talking about Hobson telling the girls they will get married in arranged marriages apart from Maggie whom he says is, 'Too old'. Vickey and Alice are a little weary of following in Maggie's footsteps and rebelling against their father, so much so that they refuse to approve to her marriage to Willie Mossop. Maggie asks them to kiss her bridegroom, to which they agree, but reluctantly. ...read more.


I'm busy at my shop, so what they are at his.' Willie is now being known as Will and actually demands something off Maggie to which she does with no arguments. When Hobson comes down, Willie tries to arrange a joint shop between them, Hobson is not so pleased about changing the name of it so Maggie also argues in favour of her father but Willie is not going to be defeated it seems. 'Mossop & Hobson or its Oldfield Road for us Maggie.' At this point Maggie steps down from the power battle like she did to her father in the beginning of the play. 'Very well. Mossop & Hobson.' She still has the power over her father though because she is deciding for him, what the shop is to be called, and really Hobson has no say in the matter. At the very end, what finishes Willie Mossop's rise to power, is when Alice asks Maggie to come to her wedding. 'Do you mean to say you won't come?' she asks and Maggie answers 'It isn't for me to say at all. It's for my husband.' ...read more.

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