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Hobson's Choice discussing Maggies character.

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HOBSON'S CHOICE Maggie can be described as a: " A women of specific qualities." What aspects of the play verify this statement? In this play Hobson's Choice we have to discuss Maggie character and the ways in which she develops through the play. She has a huge impact on her Husband Willie, on her father Hobson and on her two sisters Vicky and Alice. Hobson owns a shoe shop in Manchester; his three daughters who do not get wages for their long hours run the shop. Maggie keeps the efficiency in her fathers shop because when a customer comes into Hobson's (her fathers shop) she makes them buy something. "Maggie, we know you're a pushing sales women." She always makes someone buy something, like when Albert Prosser came into the shop to see Alice, Maggie made him buy a pair of laces and she criticized his shoe and said he need new ones as he was a high class man in society. Maggie respected her father and sisters, even though she knew her father was outrageous sometimes, like once when he came in drunk from the Moonraker's pub and he said he wanted husbands for Alice and Vicky but not for Maggie. He says to her you are an old maid on the shelf at the age of thirty you are way past the marrying age. ...read more.


"I don't allow folks to change their minds. He made his choice. He said get married, and you're going to." In this play Maggie transforms Willie, more than anyone else. She transforms him from a man who worked under her, to her husband and fellow partner to someone who was above him in the end (Hobson). Willie took orders from everyone when he worked at Hobson's but Maggie makes him believe he is more than a piece of dirt. The best example of this is when the doctor tells Hobson that he needs someone to look after him, preferably a woman. So Hobson asks Maggie and Willie to come and live with him, and help him run the business, but Hobson says to Willie if you come back here I will pay you your old wage of 18 shillings a week, but the new transformed clever Willie under the influence of Maggie says NO. Willie says I will only come here if you change that sign on the shop to Mossop and Hobson, but Maggie and Hobson both think he is going a bit to far but he says to Hobson if you don't agree to this I am going back home. "Mossop and Hobson or it's Oldfield Road for us, Maggie." By living with Maggie he has learnt how to take control of a situation, he has learnt that people in life are going to push you around but you have to stand up for yourself. ...read more.


seem like it, but eventually she does go back and lives with him and helps him run his business with Willie by her side. So as you can see, Maggie is a pushy sales woman who always gets her way she does not care if it is men or women that she is talking to or their ages, she does not show much respect to elders like her father. She makes people buy something every time they come into the shoe shop even if they have just come to browse or chat to a member of staff. It shows when she leaves the business how much she is missed because there is no business in the shop and Vicky and Alice do not know what to do because they have never been in a situation like that before, because Maggie was always in control. Also when she made Willie marry her to show her father up and not for love, but when she made Albert Prosser carry a wheel barrow across town that showed she was a woman of steel as she made a well respected lawyer walk through the town with a wheel barrow. She also sets her father up to benefit her two sisters but on the other hand she still loves her father and goes and helps him at the end as the doctor advised her to. Jinesh Adatia 1 ...read more.

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