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HOBSON'S CHOICE IN THIS PLAY I AM GOING TO CHHOSE EPISODES 2 AND EPISODE 11.IN EPISODE 2 IT IS SHOWING THAT HOBSON IS BEING OVER RULED.I WILL NOW EXPLAIN. Hobsons choice is set in the 18th century in the country side of Lancashire.Hobson'schoice was written when Harold Brighouse was home from the "break out in World War one" Harold brigouse was a member of the school of dramatists. The title means to have no choice at all. It came around by a man called Hobson.Brighouse got the flu so he changed the ending to the play and the time it was set from 1914 to 1880.The most important thing is the characters that are involved.it is a Lancashire comedy.Wrote in Lancashire dialect as well as Lancashire actcent. Harold Brighouse was born on the 26th july 1882 in Eccles.His father was called John Brighouse.He decided to write te play in 1914. Willie mossop is one of the chaacters in the play an is a real victorian Gentlemen. ...read more.


He is then told when to be home for dinner again bur replies with "i will be home not because i have to it is because i want to" When Maggie is arguing with her father she is showing a loving side because she is quite upset when she hears she will not be joined in marriage.Hobson is showed as a bossy character but doesn't get what he wants.He is over ruled by his three daughters yet again. Alice and Vickey aren't as strong as Maggie because they seem to let Maggie do the bossing about but follow every thing Maggie does.They don't like what Hobson suggested.Maggie tells Hobson that she will have dinner at one o'clock if he is there or not. If he doesn't turn up they will not give him any at all.Maggie is still rather strong compared to the other characters,she doesn't like anyone getting the better of her. Episode 11 is about when Albert Prosser and Fred Beanstock wanting to marry Alice and Vickey.It's the scene after the wedding. ...read more.


Their home is a wonderful starter with second hand furniture they have started well and want to feel relaxed. This episode shows a change of characters between Willie and Maggie. Will has gathered some confidence and Maggie has lost some of her evilness. Alice and Vickey are shown as uppish little madams.They think it is horrible of Maggie to have used furniture. Maggie explains strongly.She makes a point that she has a place of her own and they don't. Albert Prosser is overall too weak and really wants to marry into the family.So is easily talked into doing what Maggie requests.so does Fred Beanstock. In conclusion the episodes i chose there is a change of appearance between Willie and Maggie.for example Willie was weak in episode 2 however in episode 11 he is stronger and stands up for himself but Maggie is strong in episode 2 but weaker in episode 11. Maggie is in love at the end but not at the start.Brighouse shows Maggie as very independant women as she doesn't like to be over ruled.They are all scared of her and do as they are asked. ...read more.

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