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"Hobson's Choice". - "What do you think of Maggie Hobson in the first act and how does the author convince you to change your mind?"

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Cheltenham Bournside school 57309 Louis Neal candidate no. English lit: "Hobson's Choice". Harold Bridgehouse "What do you think of Maggie Hobson in the first act and how does the author convince you to change your mind?" Maggie is an extremely bossy person, used to getting her own way. She is also stubborn and can easily manipulate people to do what she wants and is unlikely to change her mind on most matters. In act one of "Hobson's Choice." Maggie walks straight into the shop and immediately starts work "she crosses the shop and takes her place at the desk... she busies herself with an account book." This shows she has a sensible 'business like' mind. A little later Albert Prosser walks in. Albert is a solicitor currently courting Hobson's daughter and Maggie's younger sister Vickey. He enters hoping Hobson is out but Maggie takes the opportunity to prey on him and almost forces him to buy a pair of shoes, a pair of laces and get his current shoes repaired. She does this is because he comes in often to see Vickey and she sees him as easy prey. Maggie also does not see the need for courting, she believes it is useless. Maggie makes a comparison of courting to having a fancy buckle on a shoe, "see that fancy silver buckle on that shoe m'lass to make it look pretty? Courting's like that, all glitter and no use to anybody." This shows she is a practical 'to the point' person. She speaks her mind whatever the situation. Maggie also organizes the household, although her father Hobson likes to think he is the boss Maggie is really wears the trousers. This shows in how her father wants to go out but Maggie restricts how long he has to go out by not altering the time of dinner when he wants to leave. She says before he is about to go "if you stay out longer than an hour at the moonraker's you'll be late for lunch!" ...read more.


He then hits Will but Will does the opposite of what Hobson says and kisses Maggie! Will was too shy to do this before, but this time he does to threaten Hobson. Will say's "Maggie! I've no but kissed you yet, I shirked before, but if Hobson raises that strap again I'll do more! I'll walk right out of this shop and we'll set up for ourselves!" Maggie is extremely surprised at Will's reaction as it was so different to the Will Mossop seen before. She feels as though she is making a man of him already. Maggie has been very bossy up till now but a lot of what she has done has been to help other people, like Will, although it doesn't look it, she is helping him make something of himself. On Maggie and Wills wedding day they come to Hobson's shop to talk to Alice and Vickey. Maggie realizes that they cannot run the shop properly, so she decides to help them get married off. She says to them "leave that alone, I'm here to help you, if you'll have my help." This shows that she is not completely self centered and is looking after her sisters even if they don't deserve it. Maggie has a plan to make this all happen, so she sends for Freddy Beanstock and Albert Prosser (who want to marry Alice and Vickey). The plan is to force marriage settlement money from Hobson, as always with Maggie she is determined to make it happen. "I don't allow people to change their minds... he said get married and that's what you'll do" showing how she sticks to her decisions and believes others should do the same, she also believes it is wrong to change his mind because he is too tight fisted to cater marriage settlements. Maggie is very proud of her husband and wont have her sisters criticises him she may seem bossy but she feels she should be respected in her decision. ...read more.


They have even taken away Hobson's customers, his business is ruined. Will makes an offer to Hobson instead. Will and Maggie will live there but Will runs the business. Hobson will be a sleeping partner, not interfering with the business but take half profits. Maggie and Will argue about the new name of the shop amazingly will gets Maggie to back down! Hobson doesn't even have a say. Later Will talks to Maggie and asks if he's done the right thing "don't spoil it Will, you're the man I've made you and I'm proud." Then Will says "thy pride is in the same street than the pride I have in you." Then Will says he wants to take off Maggie's brass ring and buy her a new one. Maggie says he may buy one for show but she was always going to wear the brass one as all Maggie has done is help make him a better man and it will show how far they have come. Maggie isn't proud and stuck up and is determined to stay that way. Maggie is not liked much in the book as she is so bossy and stubborn. Women in those times were not like that at all and Maggie is more of a modern woman than many today. She gets Will to clean up after dinner and also gets Freddy and Albert to help "Willie we'll be needing that table cleared." Then she says to Albert "and you and Freddy can lend him a hand with the washing up." This type of thing was unheard of in Victorian times and Freddy and Albert must have been shocked to hear her say this. I think Maggie is a good person, but on her own terms. She has done the right thing throughout the book though it may not have looked it. She has made Will a success, got her sisters married off even goes to live with her father at the end, to cure his sickness. ...read more.

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