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'Hobson's Choice'

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'Hobson's Choice' A Hobson's choice is basically to offer the option of taking the thing preferred or nothing. So, it is not really a real choice at all. The phrase originated from a practice of a seventeenth century Cambridgeshire stable owner called Hobson whose customers had to take the horse nearest to the door, which was actually Hobson's choice. The phrase was passed on by many generations and is now a phrase used by a large number of people. In the play 'Hobson's Choice', Harry Hobson who lives in Salford above his boot shop with his three daughters, Alice, twenty-three, Vickey, twenty-one and Maggie, the oldest by seven years of Vickey. ...read more.


Hepworth in a boastful manor. The worst feeling is when he is told what to do, this aggravates him as he likes to do things according to his plans. Hobson's ego and self-centredness begins to glow. Maggie, as a thirty-year-old spinster, in those days was highly unlikely to get married. Her admiration for the simplest of lives is highly ignorant. Any luxuries, which come her way, are simply thrown away. This is where her picture of personality develops. She is very alike Hobson, very pushy and controlling. This fact is proven by her forcing Willie Mossop to marry her, making Willie cancel his "tokened" relationship with Ada Figgins. Although Maggie did ask Willie if he is ok with the marriage, in which he replies yes. ...read more.


In which, leading to Hobson's parting with five-hundred pounds to Maggie, who was thought to have been trying to settle the matter out of court, but instead was using it as settlement for Alice and Vickey's. He wanted to settle it out of court because he has a reputation to keep, including the fact that people would receive a negative image of him. In the final part of the play Hobson is suffering from drinking too much alcohol and is told by the doctor, who prescribes Hobson three things, to take up total abstinence, take medicine and to recall Maggie. After asking her husband, Willie, whose business is very successful, Maggie decided to move back with Hobson and for the businesses name to become 'Mossop and Hobson' which causes some controversy but Hobson has no choice, he has a Hobson's choice. Faiz Juneja English Coursework 'Hobson's Choice' ...read more.

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