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Hobsons Choice.

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As part of my English coursework I am going to look at the well presented comedy story of Hobson's choice. The book was written by Harold Brighouse and he wrote it in 1916, the first book was published in 1956. The story is basically about "a battle of wills between Hobson, a hard headed and domineering cobbler and his daughter Maggie, who defies him by marrying his most talented but timid and downtrodden worker Will. She helps Will to develop his potential and together they turn the tables on Hobson himself". In this essay I am going to show how the characters like Henry Hobson the option to deploy the use of comedy. I believe that Harold Brighouse wrote this specific book to show the relationships between working class families and the general attitude they present to each other. There are three main characters in Hobson's choice that I am going to write about, one of which is Henry Hobson- this character is a very successful fifty-five year old business man he is very large, grey haired, he has a very selfish attitude towards each one of his three daughters, he thinks that they are only good for one job and that would be to work in his shoe shop for the rest of their lives. He is rude and abrupt to his daughters and he treats them with no respect, which is why he finally ends up with absolutely nothing. ...read more.


At the end of the story Hobson becomes ill through too much alcohol, his daughters realise that if Hobson dies then they will get a share in his business meaning lots of money so they pretend that they care about him by comforting him and trying to make it look as if they actually care about him. Hobson becomes very disobedient to his doctors orders, he is also defiant by declaring that there is nothing wrong with him when he is clearly very ill. At this time Maggie doesn't care about getting a share in her fathers business because she is very happy with her own she has become very success full and she would never think about helping her own father for his money. As time passes by Maggie and will become more affectionate towards each other and start developing a proper relationship, at the start of their marriage there was no sense of real love but now there definitely is. Will realises that both him and Maggie should invest in Hobson's shop and that is exactly what they do. I think that one of the many very comical scenes was when Ada Figgins enters the shop and has an argument with Maggie over will mossop. At the time Will is living with Ada and her mother but Maggie now wants will to marry her, in this scene it shows how powerful Maggie is and she always gets her way, when Will tries to say ...read more.


You can also tell the time period in which this book was written because Maggie sold Albert Prosser some boots for a pound, nowadays they would be sold for thirty times that much! Also when Maggie tells her two sisters that she is going to marry will Mossop they are bewildered because they think that Maggie is far too good for a boot maker because in them days it would be rare that someone of Maggie's calibre would marry someone like Will Mossop. Also when Hobson tells his three daughters that they cannot marry we can tell the era in which this book was written by this because once your over the legal marrying age then your free to marry who you wish and all three girls were, but still they were forbidden to do so. On a whole this book was very enjoyable to read, it was funny but serious at the same time, my favourite part of the book was when Maggie put Ada straight about Will, this was my favourite because it shown us how mentally strong Maggie was and it shows how much she wanted to be with Will, but it was also funny at the same time. As soon as you pick this book up you can immediately tell that it is going to be a comedy because on the front cover there is a picture of Hobson smiling with his hat on, with an old fashioned lantern in the background. By Kyle Watson ...read more.

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