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"Holes" By Louis Sachar first chapter analysis

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Holes first chapter analysis. ?There is no lake at Camp Green Lake.? The opening line of ?Holes?, written by Louis Sachar, is a simple, bold, declarative sentence which sets the mood for the novel. By using blunt words, the author writes a hard-hitting statement, throwing the reader straight into the setting. The audience senses a negative theme from the word ?no?, a short but effective word in a simple sentence; thereby emphasizing the lack of water, and the negative theme continues throughout. Sachar uses irony to create effect: the setting is ?Camp Green Lake?, which instantly implies plants; green leaves; tall trees and lush, fertile ground into the reader?s head, but instead, ?Camp Green Lake? is an arid, plain stretch of dry, dusty desert; the lake has long since dried up and it is swelteringly hot. ...read more.


Sachar then writes: ?you will die a slow and painful death?, this is a grim, melancholy, miserable statement which repeats the emphasis on the negative storyline; the adjectives ?slow and painful? give a detailed account of what fate will befall someone, should they ever enter ?Camp Green Lake?. Although the chapter is written with mostly simple sentences, Sachar uses his words to create detailed explanations and descriptions, which capture the reader?s attenion. Finally, Louis Sachar ends the first chapter with: ?There is nothing anyone can do to you any more?. This sentence implies that the campers at ?Camp Green Lake? have had a hellish experience there and the bite from ?a yellow-spotted lizard? is the final straw, after all of the torture and hardships they have been through, that?s it for them. ...read more.


Sachar does this to emphasize the austere and strict tone of Camp Green Lake. Despite the fact that Sachar writes very simple sentences and short paragraphs, the way he uses his words still creates the effect of longer, complex sentences. He uses a particular word order which sets a negative tone and ties in with the simple structure of the book. From the first chapter, we can clearly work out the setting, and the mood for the book is set from the first sentence, but the plot and characters don?t appear until the second chapter, which builds tension. The title of ?Holes? is vague; we don?t find out why the book is named that until the second chapter, but the one word, simple title is eyecatching, enticing and full of mystery, making readers want to pick up the book. ...read more.

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